How to support an end to gun violence

How to support an end to gun violence

On Tuesday, May 24, another horrific tragedy unfolded in the United States: A gunman entered an elementary school in Texas and shot 19 children and 2 teachers to death. This cruel and heart-rending crime comes less than two weeks after a gunman murdered 10 innocent people in a Buffalo, New York, grocery store, and days after a shooter attacked churchgoers in Laguna Woods, California, killing one man.

And here in Silicon Valley, this week marks the one-year anniversary of the Bay Area’s deadliest mass shooting, at the Valley Transportation Authority headquarters in San Jose, where a man killed nine people and then himself. (The photo above was taken at a vigil for the victims.)

Some of these killings were driven by racist hatred; for others, we might never know the motivation. We are stunned and heartsick. What can community-minded donors do right now to make a difference against this pernicious tide of violence?

One way to address these terrible events is through support for organizations that are working to respond to and prevent gun violence. SVCF offers the following curated list of organizations whose programs address immediate needs and deal with reversing the tide of gun-inflicted deaths around the country.

We have also included links to donate to some funds that are dedicated to helping survivors of the Buffalo and Uvalde tragedies and the victims' families. 

If you are a fundholder at SVCF and wish to give through your advised fund to one of the organizations listed below, you may use our online donor portal to recommend a grant, or you may contact your philanthropy advisor or send an email to Corporate partners of SVCF may also contact their philanthropy advisors directly.

Advance Peace

This Bay Area-based nonprofit is dedicated to ending cyclical and retaliatory gun violence in American urban neighborhoods. Advance Peace invests in the development, health and well-being of those at the center of this crisis.

Brady | United Against Gun Violence

The mission of the Brady Center is to reduce gun violence by 25% by 2025 through a tripartite strategy that incorporates litigation, legislation and education.

Buffalo Together Community Response Fund

This is a collaborative of local funders coordinated by the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo and United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. The fund will support long-term community rebuilding and solving systemic issues that have marginalized communities of color.

Chicago CRED

Chicago CRED uses a holistic, multifaceted approach to help those that are affected by gun violence. This approach includes street outreach, coaching and counseling, workforce development and advocacy and prevention.

Everytown for Gun Safety

A nationwide, grassroots group that advocates for common-sense gun safety policies and regulations.

Giffords Law Center

A policy organization dedicated to researching, writing, enacting and defending proven laws and programs, Giffords Law Center is on a mission to save lives from gun violence by shifting culture, changing policies, and challenging injustice.

Live Free CA

Live Free CA is a statewide coalition working to create a shared agenda to end gun violence and lead public safety reform.

Sandy Hook Promise

The mission of Sandy Hook Promise is to end school shootings and create a culture change that prevents violence and other harmful acts that hurt children.

Urban Peace Institute

Based in Los Angeles and serving communities nationwide, UPI is a recognized leader in the field of community safety, just policing and systems reform to end violence and mass incarceration.

Uvalde Strong Survivors Fund (in partnership with National Compassion Fund)
This fund provides direct financial assistance to the survivors of the deceased and those directly affected by this tragedy.

Uvalde Strong Fund
Uvalde Strong is an emergency relief fund to support area nonprofits that will provide long-term assistance, including mental health services, in the Uvalde community.

Women Against Gun Violence

Policy advocacy and public awareness resources related to preventing gun violence in Southern California, including a speakers’ bureau that offers presentations for parents, teens, school districts and policymakers.