Thank you to everyone who attended the Conference on Charitable Giving!


On behalf of everyone at Silicon Valley Community Foundation, thank you to all who attended the Conference on Charitable Giving on May 12 at Stanford University. We hope attendees learned something new about our increasingly complex sector and made some fruitful connections throughout the day.

The conference was made possible through the generous support of Wells Fargo Private Bank, Wetherby Asset Management, Seiler LLP, Silicon Valley Bank, Ferrari Ottoboni Caputo & Wunderling LLP and Hopkins & Carley. We thank our sponsors for helping make the event a success.

Dan Klein of Stanford University delivered the conference's keynote address

Whether keeping you up to date on developments in charitable tax and estate planning, helping navigate the intricacies of donating intellectual property, or assisting with any number of issues that matter to you and your clients, we strive to support your business and keep you on the cutting edge of philanthropic service.

From left: Panelists Patty Nation, Director, Global Corporate and Community Engagement at Xilinx; Joe Speicher, Executive Director at Autodesk Foundation; and Gisela Bushey, Director at SanDisk Foundation and Community Relations, SanDisk discussed corporate philanthropy with moderator Liz Lipton-McCombie of SVCF

We were particularly excited about our conference panel that explored models of corporate philanthropy in Silicon Valley this year, which included some crucial insight into this shifting landscape by our own Director of Corporate Responsibility, Liz Lipton-McCombie. As SVCF continues to grow the scope of our work, we want to share with you the tools to provide top-notch service to your clients today and tomorrow, and to act as your partner in all things charitable.

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