To serve philanthropists' expanding definition of community, SVCF launches East Coast branch


In the past 10 years, Silicon Valley Community Foundation has grown to become the largest community foundation in the world, supporting 2,000 philanthropic funds for individuals, families and corporations. We are proud to help these donors and philanthropists give back to their communities in ways that are meaningful, lasting and impactful. 

We've found that our donors define “community” in various ways: For some, it's the neighborhood where they live or work. For others, it's the place they – or their parents or grandparents – were born or raised. 

At SVCF, we’re proud to help our donors give to the places and causes that matter most to them – whether it’s in Silicon Valley, across the United States or around the world. 

To further support our donors, SVCF has launched a new department: Strategic Partnerships, Eastern Region. Our former vice president of corporate responsibility, Maeve Miccio, has relocated to New York City to serve as vice president of this new department. 

In her role, Maeve will work closely with SVCF’s existing donors and corporate clients based on the East Coast. She’ll also be available to meet with prospective clients and professional advisors, to serve their philanthropic needs.

We’ve asked Maeve a few questions about her new role, future plans and how it feels to return home to the East Coast! 

Q&A with Maeve Miccio

Maeve Miccio
Maeve Miccio

You just moved to New York a few weeks ago after being in California for more than four years. How are you feeling? 

It feels great to be back! I am originally from New York and have spent most of my life on the East Coast, so I am enjoying being closer to my family and friends. Of course I miss my colleagues at SVCF, but they are only a call or email away.

Why would a philanthropist or company based on the East Coast be interested in working with SVCF? 

Many people ask me this question! There are many reasons, but philanthropists usually value our ability to make international grants, our customized philanthropic consulting services and our highly tailored customer service approach. We also have an entrepreneurial approach and culture that resonates with many philanthropists. 

How much does SVCF work with East Coast-area philanthropists? 

SVCF already works with many East Coast-based clients, professional advisors, supporting organizations and nonprofits. In fact, we support nearly 60 philanthropic funds belonging to eastern-based donors and corporate clients. These funds include more than $300 million in philanthropic assets. In 2016 alone, SVCF donors granted more than $275 million to charities in the eastern region! 

One East Coast client I’ve supported since 2014 is Glamour Magazine’s The Girl Project. We have worked closely with them and supported their work in girls’ education since the launch of their program. 

I look forward to better serving all of our eastern region clients through my new role and closer proximity. 

How does your role in the eastern region connect with what’s happening at SVCF’s headquarters in Silicon Valley? 

This role is really an extension of SVCF’s work over the past 10 years. I will be working with a portfolio of donors including individuals, families, nonprofits and corporate clients and will serve as their philanthropic advisor. I’ll remain closely connected with my colleagues at headquarters to ensure our eastern region donors are informed about SVCF’s priorities. I will also continue to glean and share knowledge, strategies and information with my colleagues at SVCF that will benefit all of our donors, regardless of their geographic location.

What are your short-term and long-term plans for your work in the eastern region? 

Great question! At first, I am going to be focused on getting to know our eastern region donors better. I am looking forward to meeting with them and identifying ways in which we can deepen our partnerships. In the long term, we are hoping to continue to identify mutually beneficial partnerships with likeminded organizations, philanthropists and corporate funders.

What do you like most about being back on the East Coast? 

Pizza! Bagels! Actually, being closer to family is the best part, but pizza and bagels are tied for runners up. 

Do you have an office? How do people meet with you? 

We do not have an office at this time. If you’d like to connect with me, please email me directly at or call me at 631.252.4397.