Bridging the Cultural Gap 2009

Bridging the Cultural Gap

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Asian Americans for Community Involvement Santa Clara AACI will work with Asian community members to create policy recommendations on specific local issues based on stories collected through a public dialogue format. $50,000
Asian American Recovery Services Santa Clara To support the Vietnamese Community Integration Campaign, which will use popular theater, fishbowl dialogue circles, and an ethnic and mainstream media campaign to create dialogue between Vietnamese and receiving communities. $75,000
Collective Roots San Mateo Support for the Immigrant Health Integration and Advocacy Project in East Palo Alto, which focuses on immigrant families and the impact food and the built environment have on their health. $40,000
Day Worker Center of Mountain View Santa Clara Support for Teatro Popular "La Espera," a theater production that will engage audience participants in dialogues about immigrants, especially day laborers, and receiving communities. $30,000
Institute for Local Government Santa Clara and San Mateo Support for Immigrant Civic Participation Project, which aims to increase the engagement of immigrants in planning and policymaking by local and county governments and to support broader and deeper integration into civic and political life. $50,000
Nuestra Casa Santa Clara Support for Civic Leadership Program, a new project to recruit and train community leaders to organize and develop a multi-ethnic shared agenda for addressing community challenges with political and education leaders. $10,000
PACT: People Acting in Community Together San Mateo and Santa Clara Support for the Changing Hearts and Minds Campaign to bridge the cultural gap between immigrants in Santa Clara County. $75,000
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center San Mateo Support for the Immigrant Engagement Project, which focuses on building the capacity of immigrants in San Mateo, San Bruno, Redwood City and Daly City to advocate for their needs. $85,000
Peninsula Interfaith Action (PIA) Santa Clara “Multicultural Story-Sharing to Advance Public Policy” is a new initiative designed to explicitly address the impact of race, ethnicity, and immigration status on public policy development in San Mateo County communities $60,000
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office/CARON Program San Mateo Support for the Community Alliance to Revitalize Our Neighborhood Program to establish successful police and community partnerships in the North Fair Oaks neighborhood in Redwood City. $60,000
Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN) Santa Clara Support for Real Faces of Immigrants Project to collect immigrant stories and photographs that show contributions to the workforce, neighborhood, or community and facilitate community dialogues. $30,000
Somos Mayfair Santa Clara Support for Teatro Popular to create new presentations and to recruit and train Mexican and Vietnamese resident actors in theater development to create participatory, creative and engaging spaces for community residents to enter into dialogue and analysis about relevant issues to their lives. $65,000

Strengthening Legal Services Infrastructure

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Asian Law Alliance Santa Clara Asian Law Alliance will partner with Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN) to assist immigrants with the citizenship application process and immigration applications or petitions. $52,000
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Santa Clara Planning grant for six immigrant legal services providers of Santa Clara County to form a service collaborative. $50,000
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Santa Clara Expand legal services in east San Jose and Gilroy by hiring, training and accrediting two immigration specialists under Board of Immigration Appeals guidelines. $122,460
Center for Employment Training Santa Clara Support for Immigration and Citizenship Program to expand its legal immigrant integration services and prepare for changes in federal immigration legislation. $100,000
Collaborative Resources for Immigrant Services on the Peninsula San Mateo Provide free or low-cost comprehensive immigration legal services to immigrant children and families on the Peninsula. $250,000
Immigrant Legal Resource Center San Mateo and Santa Clara Planning grant to facilitate increased communication and collaboration of immigration legal services providers using web-based solutions. $50,000
International Institute of the Bay Area San Mateo Increase capacity to meet the needs of immigrants by adding a Board of Immigration Appeals accredited immigration caseworker. $55,440
International Rescue Committee – San Jose Santa Clara Expand capacity to serve a broader group of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants by adding a Board of Immigration Appeals accredited caseworker to reach out to Chinese asylees. $60,000
Muslim Advocates San Mateo and Santa Clara To develop a legal services infrastructure serving the Muslim community by formalizing Muslim Advocates’ growing network of volunteer lawyers and connecting them to community members and nonprofit organizations seeking legal assistance. $25,180