Jan 07, 2021
Silicon Valley Community Foundation strongly condemns the violence that occurred at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, against our most sacred of democratic institutions – as well as the actions that incited the violence. We condemn the white supremacy that energized those... Read More
Nov 12, 2020
Along with so many people all over the country, I hope that we can repair some of the divisions in this country that were laid bare in this recent presidential election, and move toward a brighter future – one in which we can vanquish the pandemic and create more justice for all. I am... Read More
Nov 04, 2020
It is hard not to feel anxious about what is to come.  For many, the future will be shaped by the final outcome of this presidential election. No matter one’s party affiliation or whom you voted for, one thing holds true for all of us: this election season has been fraught, and has... Read More
Oct 16, 2020
SVCF is committed to making our nonprofit partners’ year-end transactions easy and meaningful. We are sharing these important deadlines to help ensure that all contributions are properly credited for 2020 and disbursals are processed in a timely manner. Making deposits to nonprofit... Read More
Oct 12, 2020
SVCF is committed to making our donors’ year-end giving easy and meaningful. We are sharing these important giving and grant recommendation deadlines to help ensure that all gifts are properly credited for 2020 and grants are processed in a timely manner. Charitable gifts to SVCF... Read More
Oct 02, 2020
Access to affordable housing is without a doubt the biggest challenge Californians face.  A 2016 McKinsey report set a target of building at least 3.5 million homes before 2025 to keep up with demand.  The same report also noted that half of California households could not afford the... Read More
Sep 24, 2020
Small businesses have rarely faced a more difficult set of circumstances than they are in 2020.  The COVID-19 pandemic has closed many businesses permanently and forced others to adjust their core business models. Increased corporate consolidation has made it challenging for small businesses... Read More
Sep 24, 2020
Article originally appeared on the San Jose Spotlight Every day we have the privilege of serving our region’s children, families and communities, whether they are in our schools, seeking care in our community health clinics, learning in public libraries, or marching for civil rights. And... Read More
Sep 18, 2020
Hewlett Foundation President Larry Kramer, SVCF CEO Nicole Taylor, Fair Count and Fair Fight founder and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, and Californians for Justice Organizing Director Rosa De León discussing civic engagement during a webinar in August 2020. SVCF has... Read More
Sep 10, 2020
In recent months, as communities around the country responded to the murder of George Floyd, our national conversation around race focused on criminal justice, but also on how race impacts economic opportunity. Major indicators point to a staggering income and wealth gap between whites and people... Read More