Apr 07, 2021
SVCF’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) Strategic Initiative is comprised of three prongs: catalyzing philanthropic investment, activating leadership and supporting learning and action in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. In this episode, SVCF Executive Vice President for Community Action... Read More
Mar 24, 2021
Based in East San Jose, the ¡Sí Se Puede! Collective is made up of five community-based organizations: SOMOS Mayfair, Amigos de Guadalupe, School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza, Veggielution, and Grail Family Services. In this episode, SVCF Director of Capacity-Building... Read More
Feb 16, 2021
After working as a management consultant for five years, Jaime Muñoz applied to the Stanford Graduate School of Business to help him take the next step in his career. He was delighted to be accepted – but he said it came with “a big sticker shock.” “I was trying to... Read More
Jan 20, 2021
As we continue to confront the devastating pandemic within our communities and globally, we view domestic violence as a parallel pandemic. Also known as intimate partner violence, domestic abuse is often hidden and overlooked, despite being experienced by one in four women, as well as one in four... Read More
Dec 30, 2020
Welcome to the seventh episode in our mini-series featuring conversations focused on Racial Equity and Social Justice with the members of SVCF’s Community Advisory Council. Listen to the previous episode in the mini-series here, and continue to subscribe to the podcast to hear... Read More
Dec 17, 2020
The 2020 election faced obstacles ranging from cyber security to pandemic safety. Yet around the country, local and state election officials rose to the challenge: More than 100 million voters cast their ballots early, either in person or by mail, and total voter turnout increased in every state... Read More
Dec 02, 2020
Finding and applying for an SVCF scholarship that best suits your needs isn’t complicated. In this episode, SVCF scholarships officer Dean Taylor and scholarships associate Emiko Thompson walk listeners through an overview of SVCF’s scholarship programs. Listen to learn about the... Read More
Nov 18, 2020
The Amah Mutsun Land Trust (AMLT) is a grantee of SVCF’s San Mateo and Santa Clara County Wildfire Fund. AMLT President Valentin Lopez and AMLT Interim Executive Director Sara French join SVCF Philanthropy Now podcast to talk about their fire recovery efforts. In conversation with SVCF Family... Read More
Oct 19, 2020
As the world shook following George Floyd’s murder, calls for racial justice emerged with outrage and passion. Protesters from distant corners of the world implored that we address the root causes of systemic racism. This call to action is coming as our country is still reeling from the... Read More
Oct 02, 2020
“Keeping community at the center of our work.” Many community foundations and funding institutions keep this objective in mind as they pursue their missions. What does “keeping community at the center” mean? For SVCF, it means fostering closeness. It means ensuring that... Read More