Consulting & Management Services

Our expert nonprofit team can provide a variety of options designed to support the needs of nonprofits and foundations.

We offer tailored solutions for your organization’s unique needs and help make your philanthropy as effective as possible.  Some of this work is done through our Silicon Valley Community Foundation, where we provide philanthropic solutions to help you achieve your charitable goals.

Ways we work with nonprofits and foundations: 

Back office services

The finance and administration team of SVCF can perform key services such as due diligence or grants administration. We are experts in complying with the complicated laws and regulations that govern charitable assets and domestic and international giving. We can provide grants and gifts administration, accounting support and help set up and monitor your operating and grants budgets to ensure utmost compliance. SVCF can also prepare your 990 and annual audit, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on mission and impact. 

Board placement and engagement

SVCF can assist nonprofits and foundations in identifying the strategic gaps in its board composition and identify, secure, train and evaluate board members that match your organization’s needs. We complete needs assessments to understand the Board’s purpose, objectives and structure. Through research and our networks, we can help identify potential new board members and help integrate them into the current Board. We provide training materials to onboard new members and train existing members to ensure full effectiveness. 

Board support, governance and communications

Effective governance is crucial to the success of nonprofit organizations. SVCF supports private foundation and nonprofit clients to implement and realize exceptional governance practices. We can provide assistance in ongoing board management functions, such as facilitate board meetings, enact policies and best practices, and even maintain comprehensive records. We are also able to support internal communications, helping to articulate to the public your vision, goals and activities. SVCF can operate as the public point of contact as well as create website and marketing collateral. 

Grantmaking rounds

SVCF can develop and facilitate open grant rounds designed to support your commitment to philanthropy. We will help steward the submission and application review for your private foundation by designing the program, training your staff on how to evaluate and select organizations and advising on a grantmaking budget that appropriately supports organizations at a funding level they can each absorb. Our team can review applications, provide write-ups and evaluate reports. 

Needs assessment

SVCF works with nonprofits and foundations to assess their current activities with the goal of highlighting any potential compliance concerns as well as other areas for improvement and expansion. We help clients work through a needs survey and gather government documents and other key policies and procedures. We then deliver a list of these details with recommendations for next steps.

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