Consulting & Management Services

SVCF's expert donor engagement team can provide a variety of options designed to support the needs of donors and their families.

We offer tailored solutions for your organization’s unique needs and help make your philanthropy as effective as possible.

Ways we work with philanthropists:

Strategy and program design

Clearly defined goals and motivations are critical in making sustained and successful impact. SVCF can help to hone the goals of your philanthropic activities and create mission and vision statements that ensure thoughtful philanthropy for years to come. We can work with you to research and develop core components of your program or giving strategy. We can help you develop a deeper understanding of your field of interest or focus area by benchmarking key activities and approach against peers. 

Scholarship program development

Our dedicated Scholarships team can work with you to design and manage a scholarship aid program for students who meet your selected criteria. We can help develop program parameters, understand what kind of support to provide recipients, as well as develop outreach efforts needed to reach the targeted application pool. SVCF can publicize the scholarship, handle inquiries and field questions from applicants and other stakeholders, as well as support the creation and operations of a selection committee. We will help process applications, host interviews and process payments. 

Generational giving strategies

SVCF supports families in engaging the next generation of givers in a highly customized way. We work with each member of the family to identify what matters most to them through a unique values-seeking exercise, allowing individual voices to be heard. We can help families build consensus around their philanthropic goals with input from each family member. SVCF then works with the family to build out a giving plan that accurately reflects your values and motivations, while also considering different styles of giving. We can help you create guiding principles, outline meaningful roles and coach on best practices, and build out a family giving strategy. 

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