Corporate Advised Funds

Establishing a corporate advised fund with Silicon Valley Community Foundation is effective and efficient. It is a convenient, flexible way for companies to give back to local and international communities. Our expert staff works with companies of all sizes to develop customized corporate philanthropy programs designed to achieve impact. Get started by opening a fund.

Corporate advised fund advantages:

  • Easily suggest grants outside the United States. We are experts in international giving.
  • Ability to outsource all or part of your corporate philanthropy program.
  • No legal liability. SVCF remains in full compliance with state and federal regulations related to grants and contributions.
  • Name your corporate advised fund and issue grants in the company's name or anonymously.
  • Maximum allowable tax advantages for donations.
  • Ability to donate a wide range of irrevocable charitable donations including cash, appreciated stock, pre-IPO stock, real estate and other assets.
  • No separate tax return, unlike a private foundation.

Benefits and services:

  • Knowledgeable staff with in-depth grantmaking and corporate giving expertise.
  • Highly personalized service tailored to your company's charitable and financial interests.
  • An easy and secure online portal so you can recommend grants 24/7.
  • Grants administration and processing. We issue checks to your chosen charities.
  • An array of investment options that are carefully selected and managed as part of our $10 billion portfolio.
  • Ability to have employees contribute to your fund during times of disaster.
  • SVCF offers several levels of service to meet your company's needs.

Fund enhancements

Make an even greater impact by enhancing the work of your fund. SVCF can support your philanthropic goals and help you do more with your Corporate Advised Fund. 

  • Grantmaking rounds - SVCF can help facilitate grantmaking rounds by crafting a strategy with you, building application forms, establishing selection criteria and issuing grants to your finalists.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? SVCF provides highly customized philanthropic services. Contact us at to learn how we can help you achieve a greater impact.