Consulting & Management Services

SVCF is well positioned to help your company develop or enhance corporate responsibility initiatives.

In addition to establishing a Corporate Advised Fund, we partner closely with each of our clients to provide tailored engagements that meet their specific needs. Whether you are interested in developing a strategic plan for your giving, identifying key nonprofit partners or need help administering giving, we can help.

Ways SVCF works with companies and leading corporate citizens:

Conducting workshops and strategic planning sessions

Our dedicated corporate responsibility team has the expertise to develop innovative strategies and build out a corporate philanthropy program that aligns with your company’s mission and vision. We can work with you identify the various ways your company can maximize impact. 

SVCF can also facilitate workshops for your company’s senior leadership and present best practices and current trends in philanthropy. We can present findings from an examination of the practices, costs and impact of highly regarded, exceptionally creative, and/or especially impactful corporate responsibility programs, enabling your company to better understand the corporate philanthropy landscape. 

Board placement

Serving on a nonprofit organization’s Board is an opportunity for an executive to strengthen their expertise in a field, cultivate and sharpen their leadership skills, and guide the vision of an organization with a mission aligned with the executive’s interests. Our deep network and connection to nonprofits allows us to help place executives on nonprofit boards around the community. We can work with you to develop a plan of action, conduct trainings and place your executives on an appropriate board, all custom to fit your company’s needs. 

Product donation programs

Donating technology can be an incredibly effective way to give back. SVCF can assist in supporting your company’s product donation program by coordinating technology consulting services to assess nonprofit technology needs and serve as a liaison to product grantees. We can manage the application process, conduct financial analysis, review proposals and advise on grantee selection. We can also collect and synthesize reports, evaluating the program’s effectiveness. 

Workplace giving and volunteer campaigns

SVCF can help develop employee giving models—ensuring that policies and communications are in place for employees to receive the fullest allowable charitable deduction while ensuring that the company complies with the relevant legal and tax policies. We can also help corporations with traditional volunteering that fosters team building and comradery, skills-based which supports a nonprofit’s work with its clients, or pro bono that strengthens a nonprofit’s infrastructure. Whether these opportunities are episodic, ongoing, or ‘done-in-a-day’, SVCF can work with you to create the optimal program that matches your culture and strategic employee engagement goals.

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