Create a Nonprofit Fund

Establish a noprofit endowment fund with SVCF. We assume the administrative work in managing your endowment to ensure that you continue to serve your community for years to come.

You can establish an endowment fund with $10,000 or more.

How it works

Your organization irrevocably gifts the fund and all future earnings to SVCF in perpetuity. SVCF will invest your endowment alongside our endowment and distribute an annual payout to your organization.  The annual payout is consistent with SVCF’s endowment spending, as determined by the foundation’s board of directors on an annual basis. SVCF can accept charitable gifts from individual donors to Nonprofit Endowment Funds.

Getting started:

Advantages of a Endowment Fund

There are numerous advantages to a nonprofit endowment fund:

  • Creates an Ongoing Source of Income
    • Enjoy a reliable source of income for your organization’s work in perpetuity.
  • Ensures the Endowment Corpus will be Maintained
    • Since assets are being officially gifted to SVCF, they are protected from organizational change and future reclamation.
  • Alleviates Management Burden
    • All administrative requirements are absorbed by SVCF, providing expert oversight and transparency for your organization.
    • Fundraise directly from your donors to grow your endowment and let SVCF handle the paperwork.
    • SVCF can accept a wide range of assets into your endowment, including cash equivalents, marketable securities, partnership interests, cryptocurrencies, closely held, restricted, or pre-IPO stock, real estate, tangible personal property, and more. Additional fees may apply for particularly complex proposals.