Create a Nonprofit Fund

Become a nonprofit partner with SVCF by establishing a nonprofit investment or endowment fund. We manage the assets and reserves to ensure that you continue to serve your community for years to come.

You can establish a nonprofit fund with $10,000 or more. SVCF offers two types of funds for nonprofits

Nonprofit Investment Fund

Your organization revocably authorizes SVCF to manage the money in its fund. Your organization can request and receive the entirety of its assets back at any time. The fund is recorded on your organization's books as an asset and on SVCF’s books as an asset and a liability. All contributions to these funds must come from your organization directly. We cannot accept charitable gifts from individual donors to Nonprofit Investment Funds.

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Nonprofit Endowment Fund

Your organization irrevocably gifts the fund and all future earnings to SVCF in perpetuity. An annual payout consistent with our spending policy is designated to your organization. This option is best for organizations that want to assure donors that the endowment's principal will not be invaded, or those that want to honor a donor's bequest of an endowment fund. SVCF can accept charitable gifts from individual donors to Nonprofit Endowment Funds.

Getting started:

Advantages of a Nonprofit Fund

There are numerous advantages to a nonprofit fund:

  • Low investment costs: Our large investment portfolio reduces the costs that individual funds incur.
  • Oversight: It is our fiduciary duty to ensure prudent investment of your assets. A highly experienced investment committee, consultant and staff oversee investment activity.
  • Transparency: Statements, investment holdings, performance and total costs are reported quarterly. Monthly investment returns are available online. You can access your nonprofit fund information 24/7 through our easy and secure online portal.
  • Access: You gain access to a diversified group of high quality, institutional investment managers not regularly available to most investors.
  • Diversification: Diversify your investments among five investment portfolios across a broad range of classes and strategies that can only be accomplished with size.
  • Compliance: We support your finance staff with necessary data for financial reporting and disclosures.
  • Flexible gifts: You can accept pass-through or redistribution gifts on behalf of your donors. For example: A donor who wants to give anonymously to a nonprofit and still receive the tax benefits could give a pass-through gift. The minimum required to process a pass-through gift is $10,000. SVCF can also accept gifts of real estate on behalf of another nonprofit.