DACA and DAPA Programs Grantees - 2015

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Legal Aid Society of Santa Clara County Santa Clara To support a collaboration with FACTR (Family Alliance for Counseling Tools & Resolution) to inform, identify and encourage unauthorized immigrants to DACA/DAPA through the use of a single action self-identification tool and innovative outreach. $60,000
Services, Immigrant Rights & Education Network (SIREN) Santa Clara To support SBLISN (South Bay Legal Immigrant Services Network) to provide DACA plus and DAPA education, outreach, screening, document preparation and application assistance to eligible undocumented immigrants in Santa Clara County. $1,000,000
People Acting in Community Together Santa Clara To support outreach and education to inform thousands of immigrants about the benefits of DACA/DAPA and support them to prepare to apply, protect against fraud, access financial assistance for application fees and access quality legal service. $100,000
Sacred Heart Community Service Santa Clara To support community outreach, education and document preparation services  to ensure the highest number of county residents benefit from President Obama’s Administrative Relief programs and new bases of grassroots leaders are organized to further advance justice for immigrants. $685,000
Human Agenda Santa Clara To support CLARO, a legal collective focusing on providing low-cost DACA plus and DAPA legal services. $55,000
Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action Santa Clara To support the "I'm Ready/¡Soy Listo!" campaign, which will prepare DACA plus and DAPA-eligible families through culturally responsive community education, outreach and small discussion preparation parties. $35,000
Apoyo Legal Migrante Asociado Santa Clara To support efforts to provide undocumented immigrants with education, evaluation and readiness for DACA plus, DAPA and qualification for other immigration benefits. $10,000
Self Help Economic Development, Inc. Santa Clara To support the increased financial capability of the underserved, particularly immigrants  in Santa Clara County, through financial services offered in a new, full-scale credit union branch and online platform. Services are focused on lending products associated with the fees and expenses related to DACA applications. $50,000
Legal Aid Society of Santa Clara County Santa Clara To support collaborative work with Licencias.US, which will train undocumented, Spanish-speaking immigrants to prepare for a California driver's license under AB 60 and provide a bridge to learn more about DACA/DAPA (if applicable) eligibility. $25,000
    Total $2,020,000