Donor Circle for Africa

Donor Circle for Africa

Connecting Silicon Valley to Africa

The Donor Circle for Africa works with nonprofit groups and entrepreneurs in Africa whose projects demonstrate sustainable and affordable solutions for essential needs. We focus on renewable energy and clean water efforts for which a grant would propel the project to a wider base of communities. Our intent is to catalyze development of emerging, locally maintainable solutions.We see ourselves primarily as catalysts. We work through partnerships to choose grantees which demonstrate promising solutions to pressing local needs. We aim to assist entrepreneurs evolve and transform to expand their impact. However, the greatest advantage we can give our grantees is publicity and access to our network of partners.

Our Donor Circle is a collaboration of Bay Area philanthropists focused on learning from experts, social entrepreneurs and each other to determine the best ways to leverage collective resources in Silicon Valley for the benefit of nonprofit groups and entrepreneurs in Africa. As a leader in international grantmaking among community foundations, we recognize and honor the roles our donors play as global citizens. We value the interests and initiatives of donors who are creating this Circle to support sustainable change in Africa.

The Donor Circle for Africa meets the fourth Friday of every month from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the community foundation offices in Mountain View. We welcome any donors who would like to drop in for thoughtful conversation and action.

To attend the meeting or learn more about the Donor Circle for Africa’s activities, please contact Sabira Aloo, philanthropy associate, at 650.450.5518 or

Grants to Date

African Leadership AcademyTowards the 2012 Anzisha Prize for Energy, awarded to Nadege Iradukunda, and administrative support for ALA$12,000
African Leadership AcademyTowards the 2013 Anzisha Prize for Energy, awarded to Joie Sangwa, and administrative support for the ALA$12,000
Global Social Benefit Incubator at Santa Clara UniversityTowards GSBI’s online mentoring program working with social entrepreneurs in Africa addressing sustainable energy$5,000
African Leadership AcademyTowards the 2014 Anzisha Prize for Energy, awarded to Tom Osborn, and administrative support for the ALA$12,000
One World Children's FundTowards OWCF’s partnership with the African Diaspora Network for work with the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development and their sustainable energy program$5,000
United Youth for Rwanda DevelopmentTo support the project to disseminate biogas installations in 100 different pilot schools to provide renewable energy and reduce school fees$5,000
First AnniversaryDonor Circle for Africa Meeting
First anniversary celebration of the Circle.Donor Circle meeting at the community foundation.