Education Grantees 2012

Organization Area Served Purpose Amount
ACCESS – Algebra Collaborative for Creating Equitable Student Success (LEA: Brisbane Elementary School District) San Mateo Fourth-year support for ACCESS to provide professional development to 28 teachers and a multi-district learning community focusing on peer analysis of performance assessments, expansion of teachers' content knowledge and on-site support. $111,275
Across the Bridge Foundation (dba Downtown College Prep & Ace Charter Schools) Santa Clara Fourth-year support for Path to Algebra Proficiency for Underachieving Students, which seeks to ensure that all math teachers have 1) the skills and content knowledge to be effective 2) the ability to weave English Language Development techniques into their instruction and  3) access and facility with the data and tools  to tailor instruction to  individual student needs. $56,900
Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College Santa Clara and San Mateo Third-year support for Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence, which focuses on content and promotes the use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics. $60,000
Jefferson School District and U.C. Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science San Mateo Third-year support for the Two Way and Reciprocal Math & Language Coaching Program, a comprehensive professional development program for mathematics teachers and coaches in the middle grades to increase teachers’ classroom effectiveness and reduce the achievement disparity in mathematics of English Language Learners and other underserved student populations relative to their peers. $74,705
New Teacher Center Santa Clara Fourth-year support for Collaborating for Academic Success in Algebra, which provides targeted professional development for new and veteran mathematics teachers in grades 6-8 and for their mentors and administrators with a particular focus on educational equity. $100,000
Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation Santa Clara and San Mateo Fourth-year support for Silicon Valley: A Laboratory for Learning, which provides an intensive professional development institute focused on teaching mathematics concepts. Using the “Intel Math” training curriculum, the program trains “master teachers” to deliver 80 hours of professional development to “participant teachers” and a 15-hour professional learning community. $75,000
The Tower Foundation of San Jose State University San Mateo Fourth-year support for the Silicon Valley Math Initiative, which provides a comprehensive program of professional development to teachers and their coaches around higher order thinking skills and collaborating to modify instruction based on student assessments.  $99,967
Aspire East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy San Mateo Second-year support to implement site-based coaching.  $50,000
KIPP Heartwood Academy— Leading Through Innovation Santa Clara Second-year support for a Khan Academy math pilot program, which will provide instructional technology and professional development by offering teachers better data to support students; shifting their time from content delivery to targeted instruction and support; and facilitating greater customization for students. $40,000
Pacifica School District San Mateo Fourth-year support for Equity and Excellence through Collaboration and Coaching, which provides professional development, collaboration time and online networking tools to develop lessons that integrate technology into daily math instruction. $50,000
Pivot Learning Partners Santa Clara Fourth-year support for the 21st Century Math: Designing Rigorous Math Instruction to Promote Higher Order Skills and Other Key Components of the Common Core State Standards project, which provides professional development for 5th to 8th grade mathematics teachers and key administrators of the five middle schools in the district. $50,000
Price Middle School and Cambrian School District Santa Clara Fourth-year support to collaborate with elementary feeder schools – Fammatre Charter School, Bagby Elementary and Farnham Elementary - through coaching and professional learning communities in the Silicon Valley Math Initiative. $40,000
Resource Area for Teaching Santa Clara and San Mateo Support for the Hands-On Math Practicum for Beginning to Experienced Math Teachers project, which will provide 15 mathematics teachers with professional development. $30,000
San Jose Unified School District Santa Clara Planning grant to support a middle school math redesign, which will focus on establishing, with the Silicon Valley Math Initiative, teacher-learning communities and will research and analyze best practices for implementing blended learning. $40,000
San Mateo County Office of Education San Mateo Support for the North County PLC Algebra Articulation Project to 1) expand math content knowledge for teachers through professional development and 2) create deeper relationships between the districts’ high school and middle school math teachers. $45,000
Silicon Valley Education Foundation Santa Clara Support for the Professional Development for Middle School Math Teachers Within East Side Consortium of Districts project to provide professional development opportunities for middle school teachers and create a common placements protocol leading to more students achieving succeeding in 8th grade algebra. $40,000
WestEd STEM Program San Mateo Second-year support for the Professional Learning Team Project Teachers Empowering All Mathematics Students to provide tailored professional development and tools. $50,000
    Total $1,012,847