Education Grantees - In-School Grantees - 2013

Organization Area Served Purpose Amount
Across the Bridge Foundation (Downtown College Prep) Santa Clara Support coaching to plan and develop an aggressive blended learning math program for middle school. Highly differentiated instruction will strike the most effective balance between classroom teachers and technology use to increase fluency with the common core standards. $25,000
Aspire Public Schools / East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy San Mateo Third-year support for a mathematics coach to ensure mathematics teachers' capacity to transition to the common core standards in mathematics, improve student math performance and foster a practitioner-led effort to catalyze change in schools and systems. $40,000
Brisbane Elementary School District and Bayshore Elementary School District San Mateo Fifth-year support to provide professional development for mathematics teachers through coaching; develop a cohesive three-to-five-year plan for common core standards in mathematics implementation; transform teacher practice via classroom video and professional learning communities; and continue collaboration with high school feeder districts. $53,490
Campbell Union High School District Santa Clara Support for designing a common placement protocol for entering grade 8 algebra students and entering grade 9 geometry students. Also for providing professional development in instructional practices that are reflective of the math common core standards and the importance of non-academic factors affecting student success. $60,000
Jefferson Elementary School District and U.C. Berkeley San Mateo Fourth-year support to implement a comprehensive program of professional development for mathematics teachers with a specific focus on language development for English Language Learners and instruction under the common core standards. $75,000
KIPP Bay Area Schools Santa Clara Third-year support to ensure a successful transition and implementation of the common core state standards through professional development and blended learning technology. $35,000
Krause Center for Innovation, Foothill College San Mateo and Santa Clara Fourth-year support to provide professional development program to middle school mathematics teachers during the summer and follow-up learning sessions during the year. Programs will focus on content knowledge, pedagogical practices, productive persistancy skills and the use of technology to achieve student academic goals.  $60,000
New Teacher Center Santa Clara Fifth-year support to provide targeted professional development for new and veteran mathematics teachers and for their mentors and administrators, with focus on educational equity.  $75,000
Partners in School Innovation San Mateo and Santa Clara Support to create year-long professional development program for mathematics teachers that will build middle grade professional learning communities; provide on-site coaching; support school alignment; and develop an effective plan for transitioning Franklin McKinley School District to the common core state standards. $75,000
Pivot Learning Partners Santa Clara Fifth-year support to continue to build the leadership capacity of site administrators and mathematics teachers to drive the transition to the common core standards; adapt instructional strategies and develop new aligned lessons; develop and implement a systems approach to curriculum and assessment management; and create online professional learning community. $60,000
RAFT, Resource Area For Teaching San Mateo and Santa Clara Second-year support to provide mathematics teachers with professional development focused on hands-on learning, in order to improve their subject matter knowledge and their comfort working with inquiry-based teaching processes. $30,000
San Mateo County Office of Education San Mateo Support to facilitate collaborative professional development efforts in three unified school districts in San Mateo County -- South San Francisco Unified, Cabrillo and La Honda-Pescadero -- designed to expand the teaching expertise of middle and high school mathematics teachers by participating in the Silicon Valley Math Initiative. $98,723
Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) Santa Clara Second-year support to provide professional development for middle school math teachers of the school districts participating in the East Side Consortium of Districts project (school districts that feed into East Side Union High School District). $50,000
Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (housed at San Jose State University) San Mateo Fifth-year support to provide a comprehensive program of professional development for middle school math teachers and their coaches. The goal of this effort is to increase the number of teachers whose understanding of mathematics enables them to provide the highest quality mathematics instruction, particularly in algebra and the functions strand. $99,791
Tower Foundation of San Jose State University Santa Clara Support to provide a pilot, year-long professional development experience for early-career mathematics teachers to prepare them for common core standards implementation. $10,000
Union School District Santa Clara Support for mathematics teachers to participate in the Silicon Valley Math Initiative professional development program and build professional learning communities. $21,000
WestEd STEM Program San Mateo Third-year support to provide tailored professional development and tools to develop a continuous learning environment for middle school mathematics teachers, focused on common core standards. $50,000
    Total $918,004