Education Grantees - In-School Grantees - 2014

Organization Area Served Purpose Amount
Ace Charter School Santa Clara Support to provide professional development for math teachers in content knowledge, curriculum and instructional design so that students achieve mastery of Common Core standards, especially for low-income and English Learner students. $100,000
Brisbane School District San Mateo Sixth-year support to provide all students with skills to master the Common Core Standards in math by increasing teacher effectiveness through ongoing professional learning. $57,464
Foothill College (Krause Center for Innovation) Santa Clara Fifth-year support to implement the Faculty Academy for Mathematics Excellence (FAME) program, a Common Core-based professional development program for 40 6th – 9th grade mathematics teachers. The program is designed to increase student achievement in pre-algebra and algebra, reduce the achievement gap and promote the use of technology to enhance math instruction. $73,900
Jefferson Elementary School District San Mateo Fifth-year support, in partnership with the Silicon Valley Math Initiative, to provide a comprehensive program of professional development for mathematics teachers and coaches. The goal is to increase teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom and reduce the achievement disparity in mathematics of English Language Learners (ELL's) and other underserved student populations relative to their peers. $99,543
New Teacher Center Santa Clara Sixth-year support for the Collaborating for Academic Success in Algebra (CASA) program. CASA provides targeted professional development for new and veteran mathematics teachers in grades 6 through 8, and for their mentors and administrators. $100,000
Pivot Learning Partners Santa Clara Sixth-year support for the 21st Century Math project, which, in partnership with Alum Rock School District, continues to refine and implement a comprehensive instructional system aligned with the CCSS, provides professional development to teachers and administrators and shares scalable knowledge and training with stakeholders. $87,500
San Jose State University Santa Clara Sixth-year support for the Silicon Valley Math Initiative, which seeks to provide a comprehensive program of professional development to 50 middle school math teachers and 20 coaches in the middle grades from 20 school districts in San Mateo County.  $100,000
Teach for America, Inc. Santa Clara Provide 90 mathematics teachers (including 13 middle school teachers) with professional development around rigorous mathematics content and practice through ongoing one-to-one coaching and other methods.  $50,000
Silicon Valley Education Foundation Santa Clara Third-year support for the Professional Development for Middle School Math Teachers Within East Side Consortium of Districts project, which seeks to facilitate vertical articulation between middle school and high school math; ensure equitable algebra placement practices across the districts; provide professional development for 55 teachers based on CCSS; and provide a practice “lab” environment for teachers. $50,000
Aspire East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy San Mateo Fourth-year support for a professional development project to enhance teacher capacity to transition to CCSS and to improve math performance under the new standards by piloting new curriculum, assessment and math support strategies. $50,000
    Total $768,407