Employee Engagement Solutions

Employee Engagement

SVCF's corporate responsibility team works with companies to connect and engage employees with community and social impact programs. Below are a few of the ways we can help engage your employees.

Board Placement: We match selected company leaders with nonprofits in the local community

Benchmarking: We can benchmark philanthropic goals against existing programs, identify potential gaps through research and interviews and make recommendations for designing effective philanthropic programs  for your company.

Strategic Design and Review: We can partner with you to develop a unique philanthropy strategy to reflect your company culture, employee base and community needs.

Designing Volunteer Opportunities: We can work with you to create the optimal volunteering program that matches your culture and strategic employee engagement goals. 

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Employee Assistance and Hardship

SVCF is pleased to partner with Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF), the leading organization in employer-sponsored emergency and hardship assistance funds.

As disasters and hardships occur without warning, it’s important to be prepared and ready-to-go to help your most valuable asset—your employees. SVCF is proud to refer our clients to EAF as our preferred provider for this service. We conducted extensive due diligence to ensure our clients would be in good hands for this highly complex and time-sensitive grantmaking service.

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