Ensuring Safety and Security of Immigrants Grantees - 2019

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus Both To support the urgent safety needs of AMEMSA immigrants and their families, targeted by federal immigration/national security policies and agents, through Know Your Rights, legal representation, and coordinated rapid response planning.  $45,000
Interfaith Movement For Human Integrity Both To support immigrant families to defend their right to remain in the U.S., integrate and thrive in the face of increased deportation threats by growing, strengthening and training faith communities to support, accompany, advocate for, and provide sanctuary. $35,000
Pangea Legal Services Both In support of the immigrant community, Pangea Legal Services (Pangea), in partnership with the Immigrant Liberation Movement (ILM), will develop a promotora curriculum and legal training program for community based participatory defense and recruit at least 10 immigrant families to participate.  $20,000
    Total $100,000