Equity Forward - A Partnership for an Equitable Future

Equity Forward - A Partnership for an Equitable Future

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Our Vision

Equity Forward is an essential new initiative focused on closing the racial economic divide in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

Imagine a Region Where:

Generate Wealth

Wealth creation is the norm for communities, instead of the cycles of poverty.

Thriving Wage

Every employee is paid a thriving wage, not just a living wage.

Safe Home

All residents can afford to have a safe and stable place to call home, regardless of race or income.

A Bigger and Bolder Approach

Our systems aren’t working for everyone — and in order to truly move equity forward, we need to eradicate the underlying causes, rather than just treat the symptoms of inequity one by one. What makes Equity Forward different is that our approach to economic inequity is shifting the conditions that hold inequity in place — from policies and practices, to power dynamics and relationships, to how individuals perceive our region. It is time for us to think bigger, go deeper, be bolder and act with urgency.

Our Strategies

Strengthen community power
Invest in programs that build up community leaders’ power to both advocate for short-term priorities and build long-term movements.

Implement bold, local pilot programs
Leverage the capacity, resources and abilities of higher education institutions for local impact.

Activate employers as champions of equity
Partner with visionary corporations and employers to co-design practices and initiatives that increase equity for workers, job-seekers and the community.


Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) serves as Equity Forward's administrative and operational backbone organization. SVCF collaborates closely with Stanford University and Joint Venture Silicon Valley on operations and strategy implementation. In addition, Equity Forward is guided by a multi-sector Advisory Committee that includes 25 community, government, business and higher education leaders from both counties.

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