Financial Education Grantees - 2013

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (CLSEPA) San Mateo Support for a collaborative project among CLSEPA, Nuestra Casa, Renaissance and San Mateo Credit Union to improve the financial knowledge and skills of low-income individuals and families and increase their access to beneficial financial products and services. $60,000
Northern California Grantmakers Both Support for the Bay Area Asset Funders Network, a regional network of grantmakers that supports opportunities for low-wealth individuals and families in the San Francisco Bay Area to access financial education and services, and to save, invest and preserve financial assets. $10,000
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Santa Clara Support for financial education workshops, earned income tax credits, and monthly savings -- both traditional and online -- that will help clients increase their financial knowledge and build assets. $50,000
Community Financial Resources Both Support to provide a behavior-based financial education program to low-to-moderate income families that enhances their financial capabilities  through incentivizing beneficial financial behaviors, including the use of consumer-friendly financial products. $50,000
Earned Asset Resource Network, Inc. EARN Both Support to launch in Silicon Valley a highly scalable goal-based savings account that teaches and incentivizes low- and moderate-income people to save and invest in their futures. $40,000
Glow Foundation Both Support for the Silicon Valley Student Success Initiative to build the capacity of schools and nonprofits and provide critical financial information and information about funding college education to thousands of students who would not otherwise have access to it. $30,000
JobTrain, Inc. San Mateo Support to increase the economic security of low-income individuals and families by leveraging the expertise of JobTrain, Mission SF Community Financial Center, and Tax-Aid in a collaborative that will help individuals gain financial literacy and build assets. $40,000
Neighborhood Housing Services Silicon Valley Both Support to expand access to financial products and services for very-low to moderate-income families and increase their financial knowledge and capacity to save through trained and approved Certified Financial Planners. $35,000
Opportunity Fund Northern California Both Support to help Silicon Valley’s low-income families build a path to financial stability and economic mobility through access to financial education, coaching and microsavings accounts. $50,000
Pacifica Resource Center San Mateo Support to help stabilize Pacifica residents beyond emergency needs and improve their long-term economic self-sufficiency. $40,000
Project Read - North San Mateo County San Mateo County Support for the Financial Well-Being Program, which assists adult literacy students and low- to moderate-income immigrants and their families in achieving and maintaining greater economic security. $40,000
Sacred Heart Community Service Santa Clara Support to promote financial stability and economic self-sufficiency among low-income individuals and families by providing “bundled” services, practical tools to gain assets, financial education and intensive staff support. $50,000
Sage Financial Solutions, Inc. Both Support to provide direct financial capability services (coaching, education and training) to community staff members, with the objective of increasing their financial stability and awareness, enabling them to better serve their clients. $30,000
Samaritan House San Mateo Support for low-income individuals and their families to achieve success and sustainable, long-term economic self-sufficiency by providing in-house, one-on-one financial coaching with a certified and professional bi-lingual financial coach. $40,000
Self-Help Economic Development Santa Clara Support to develop and offer a suite of responsible and sustainable small-dollar credit products to meet the needs of "unbanked" and "underbanked" consumers. $40,000
San Mateo County Community College District San Mateo Support to provide targeted outreach, financial coaching, financial education workshops, public benefits enrollment, assistance for opening banking accounts, access to credit counseling and financial planning. $40,000
Tower Foundation of San José State University Santa Clara Support for Money Matters/Maneje Su Dinero, a rigorous financial literacy and asset-building project, designed to help low-income adults take control of their finances, reduce their debt and save money to meet future goals. $30,000
Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action (TIGRA) Both Support to provide relevant financial education and product promotion to two immigrant constituencies facing life-changing situations: recently arrived immigrants and DREAMers, undocumented immigrant youth who have graduated high school and aspire to become citizens. $20,000
United Way Silicon Valley Santa Clara Support to provide a 12-month program that focuses on facilitating behavioral change in low-income individuals and families struggling with their finances, while providing community members with a skill-based volunteer opportunity. $50,000
Unity Care Group Both Support to provide financial literacy workshops for youth emancipating from foster care. $25,000
Women's Action to Gain Economic Security (WAGES) Santa Clara Support to empower cooperative housekeeping business member-owners to develop assets through financial literacy training and accessible savings, credit-building, lending and investment products tailored to the members and their businesses. $30,000
    Total $800,000