Giving Guide

Early in 2020, SVCF decided on organizational goals that include promoting a culture of effective philanthropy, a strong and engaged community, and reducing systemic disparities. As part of our efforts, we're curating focused Giving Guides to bolster community impact. Every few months, we publish a new guide with a different cause area, giving you efficient opportunities to make a positive difference in our communities. We hope that these guides help you participate more actively in the community with your time, treasure and talent.

Giving Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust into public view the profound economic and racial inequities in our communities. We see the incongruity of resources reflected in our local nonprofit sector, where smaller, grassroots organizations –many led by people of color –face barriers to obtaining funding, despite serving on the frontlines. SVCF encourages you to support trusted organizations advancing equity in our communities.

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Latinx Giving Guide

In 2020, Latinx communities shouldered 56 percent of California’s total COVID cases and 47 percent of the state’s total COVID deaths. The equity gap that Latinx communities face is exacerbated by a persistent lack of access to philanthropic dollars by Latinx nonprofit leaders and Latinx-led organizations.

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Childhood Education

Every child deserves the best possible start in life. Children are born learning, and the care and education they receive in their first five years are the building blocks to future success in the classroom, in the workforce and in life. Join SVCF and our partners in advancing education equity in our communities.

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Black Lives Matter

As the racial divide spills into streets with protests and demands for equity, we cannot idly wait for inclusivity. We must act to reshape the institutions and policies that allow injustice.

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Civic Participation

Silicon Valley has many organizations working within and on behalf of underrepresented communities to ensure that all voices have a role in shaping our future.

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