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Increasing Access to Affordable Housing and Public Transit Opportunities

Fifty-three percent of the Bay Area's low­-income families are at risk for displacement from their homes because of high housing costs. Our region's shortage of affordable housing leads to long, arduous commutes that affect quality of life. 

Working to improve the financial stability of families and individuals can only go so far. Residents need affordable places to live. 

"There's lots to be done on the affordable housing front, including preserving the affordable housing we have," says SVCF's Commuity Impact Officer, Erica Wood. "We aim to help renters who may be at risk of displacement with tenant rights education, 'just cause' eviction ordinances and legal support as part of this strategy." 

Housing issues and transportation concerns go hand in hand. "People have had to move farther away from their jobs in search of affordable housing, and it's caused all sorts of transportation and congestion problems," she says. "We're really trying to invest in strategies that will help improve public transit - make it more efficient and more of a positive experience for commuters."

Upcoming grant opportunities

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Increasing Access to Public Transit Opportunities


April 5, 2019

Increasing Access to Affordable Housing Opportunities TBD TBD

April 5, 2019


SVCF's focus on supporting Silicon Valley nonprofits through this grantmaking strategy was announced in October 2017. Though SVCF has issued grants to nonprofits working on housing and transportation initiatives in Silicon Valley previously, the specific focus has adapted over time, as the needs of the community have changed. The current focus on "Increasing access toaffordable housing and public transit opportunitiesresulted from an extensive, 18-month review of SVCF's discretionary grantmaking programs.

During the review process in 2016 and 2017, SVCF gathered feedback from diverse constituents and community members, had conversations with stakeholders and subject matter experts and discussed the issues with SVCF's board members. The information gathered through these interactions was analyzed thoroughly, and SVCF's board of directors approved the revised education strategy, along with four others, to guide SVCF's discretionary grantmaking for the next 5-7 years. 

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