How We Work With You

How we work with you

Silicon Valley Community Foundation works with a portfolio of more than 60 leading companies, advising them on corporate responsibility strategies and programs. SVCF has the experience, passion and expertise to help your company make a meaningful impact in communities around the world.

How Companies Partner with SVCF

Corporate Advised Funds
An advised fund is a charitable vehicle that allows your company to achieve significant impact through grants to nonprofits in your community and around the world. We manage the fund administration, investments and vetting of the nonprofits for you. Our staff may also partner with you to design your program in a way that is uniquely tailored to your objectives and culture.

Consulting & Management Services
SVCF offers a range of highly customized consulting services that are designed to meet your exact needs. For example, we have developed strategic plans for corporate responsibility programs, designed product donation programs, conducted custom benchmarking and facilitated nonprofit board placement programs for many of the Fortune 500.

Employee Engagement Solutions
SVCF offers many ways to engage your most valuable asset — your employees — to your philanthropic mission and goals. We have many unique employee engagement solutions and strategies that can be personalized to fit your company culture and values, such as designing volunteer opportunities or nonprofit board placement.

Highlights from our Work with Corporate Clients

SVCF has built a deep partnership with Microsoft over the last decade. SVCF facilitates Microsoft’s software donation program and competitive cash grant rounds in Silicon Valley, which together have awarded over $20 million in support to nonprofits working in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. SVCF also manages Microsoft’s nonprofit board placement program for employees, and Microsoft has served as lead sponsor of Silicon Valley Gives since SVCF launched the online giving day.

Software corporation SAP recently commissioned SVCF to complete a benchmarking study about corporate international grantmaking structures and to propose recommendations for enhancing SAP’s grantmaking approach. Findings were based on a sample of 14 multinational companies, headquartered either in the United States or Europe. The participating companies shared insights into how company corporate social responsibility (CSR) leadership executes its overall CSR strategy, grantmaking structure, policies and guidelines. SVCF presented the results at SAP’s global CSR team meeting. 

Texas Instruments Community Service Awards
To honor its legacy of social responsibility and commemorate its 80th anniversary in 2010, Texas Instruments (TI) launched the TI Founders Community Service Awards. This program recognizes and rewards employees committed to volunteerism. In 2011, TI partnered with SVCF to leverage their global expertise and expand the program to all TI employees worldwide.