How We Work With You

How we work with you

Our roots run deep in the nonprofit community, with relationships built over decades. That experience has allowed us to build unmatched expertise in helping nonprofits achieve their missions as effectively, and with as much impact, as possible.

How Can We Help?

You can create a nonprofit fund with SVCF. We will manage your assets and reserves to ensure that you continue to serve our region for years to come. Our investment capabilities give you access to world-class financial and investing expertise that otherwise might be unavailable.

Or we can provide a wide range of support options and Consulting & Management Services to help you with your grantmaking. Customize services to receive exactly the support you need — technical assistance, fund development, training and assistance with complex gifts — all with hands-on, personal attention from our team.

SVCF is proud to work with local nonprofits and offer our planned giving expertise. One way we do this is by working in partnership with a nonprofit that has a donor interested in setting up a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) to benefit the organization. SVCF is licensed to establish CGAs for California annuitants. We will help your organization set up one of these vehicles free of charge and only require that a portion of the residuum be shared with SVCF at the end of the CGA contract.

Advantages of working with SVCF:

  • Risk is dispersed in a pool of many contracts.
  • We are available to educate your board, staff and donors about CGAs.

Listen to our financial planning series webinars:

Navigating Finances Through COVID-19: Business Planning for Multiple Scenarios: Session 1
Recorded May 28, 2020
Economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 is driving nonprofits to face unprecedented changes that challenge their traditional operating models. Nonprofits are having to reevaluate their existing resources and explore new avenues to help them navigate through this crisis. As we approach the road to recovery, business and financial modeling is critical for nonprofits to ensure future organizational sustainability and viability. Listen in to hear Marc Rand and Sarah Bennett, of Community Capital Advisors, discuss the importance of cash flow planning for best, worst and most-likely scenarios. A simple-to-use cash flow projection tool is available.

Navigating Finances Through COVID-19: Business Planning for Multiple Scenarios: Session 2
Recorded June 4, 2020
In this second session, Marc Rand and Sarah Bennett build on the conversation from the previous webinar. In this session they focus on multi-year planning. Watch the webinar to take advantage of another simple projection tool our partners offer.

Navigating Finances Through COVID-19: Business Planning for Multiple Scenarios: Session 3
Recorded June 11, 2020
Marc Rand facilitates the final webinar in the series, featuring Darian Rodrigues Heyman, accomplished fundraiser, social entrepreneur and author. He is joined by Dirk ten Grotenhuis, Managing Director at First Republic, and Brian Johnson, Chief Underwriting Officer of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance. The focus of this panel is fundraising with your board, working with your bank and analyzing risks of bringing staff back to work in the COVID-19 era.

Fundraising During COVID-19, Data Driven Storytelling – A platform and resources for you to use
Recorded May 26, 2020
During the pandemic, some nonprofits are facing intensified challenges ramping up operations to meet increased service demands, while other nonprofits have simply been unable to operate at at all. On top of that, COVID-19 has forced many organizations to cancel their critical revenue-generating events and programs. Without being able to access traditional fundraising channels, nonprofits must rely on new ways to reach their donors. Now, effective storytelling is more vital than ever for nonprofits to communicate their impact and, in turn, elevate fundraising efforts. Drew Payne talks about the UpMetrics platform which available for nonprofits to use, free of charge, throughout 2020. 

SVCF Grants

As a community foundation, we also award grants to nonprofits that work in our strategic areas of focus. See current RFPs and apply for grants online.