Impact Investing

Impact Investing - Credit: Alain McLaughlin
Credit: Alain McLaughlin

Every investment has an impact. The question is, will the impact be positive or negative, and will it complement or contradict your philanthropic goals? 

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If you are interested in using your fund’s investment capital for social good, we can help in a variety of ways:

Impact Investments

Direct investments in equity, debt or guaranties of social enterprises, structured as program-related or mission-related investments, are possible though SVCF’s Consulting and Management Services. Our expert staff will assist you in assessing these options, conducting due diligence and monitoring results. Learn more by contacting us at or 650.450.5444.

Mission-related investments seek to generate a measurable beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a market-rate financial return. These investments are generally made in for-profit social enterprises as part of a mission-aligned investment portfolio or strategy.

Program-related investments or “PRIs” are defined by the IRS as an investment in which the primary purpose is to significantly further a charitable purpose. Financial gain cannot be a significant purpose, and funds cannot be used to influence legislation or fund political activities. The recipient of a PRI may be a nonprofit or for-profit social enterprise. Unlike a mission-related investment, PRIs are not expected to produce market-rate returns.

Impact Investing