Increasing Access to Affordable Housing Opportunities Grantees - 2019

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Community Legal Services In East Palo Alto Inc. San Mateo, Santa Clara To support local implementation of the “3Ps” framework by using a multi-pronged approach that combines legal representation with policy advocacy to make both an immediate and long-term impact. $60,000
Council of Community Housing Organizations (fiscal sponsor: San Francisco Information Clearinghouse) Santa Clara To support affordable housing advocacy efforts in the Silicon Valley region by supporting transferable Affordable Housing and Preservation policies. $50,000
Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. San Mateo, Santa Clara To support: 1) the creation of a resourced and impactful regional housing entity to address the region’s affordable housing crisis 2) expand preservation efforts and opportunities across the region. $30,000
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, Inc. San Mateo To support Neighborhood Revitalization Program efforts focused in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven to thwart neighborhood displacement and preserve local affordable housing opportunities. $40,000
Hello Housing San Mateo To support San Mateo County’s Second Unit One Stop Shop Pilot Program in the development of right-sized financial incentives that will enhance homeowners’ willingness and capacity to add second units that yield public benefits, such as affordable rents or the ability for seniors to age in place. $75,000
Housing Leadership Council Of San Mateo County San Mateo To support Housing Leadership Council’s work creating access to high opportunity neighborhoods for low-income families through policies and leadership that allow the development of affordable homes. $75,000
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Santa Clara To increase access to affordable housing options in Silicon Valley through the expansion of tenant protections and a proposal to create a court-based mediation system for eviction court. $65,000
New Way Homes Inc. San Mateo, Santa Clara To build a replicable and sustainable below market rate housing model for low and moderate income local teachers and school employees on Town/City donated land. The funds will be used to pay for pre development costs which include civil and site engineering reports. $15,000
Non-Profit Housing Association Of Northern California San Mateo, Santa Clara To advance the “3Ps” - affordable housing production, preservation, and tenant protections - throughout the Bay Area by influencing Bay Area Metro’s regional planning process to proactively leverage their statutory powers and funding to advance a bold regional affordable housing agenda.  $15,000
Non-Profit Housing Association Of Northern California San Mateo, Santa Clara To support NPH’s core programs and operations, as well as our work to advance a comprehensive set of solutions to the Bay Area’s housing crisis with the 3Ps framework – Production of more affordable, middle income and market rate housing, Preservation of affordable homes, and tenant Protections. $50,000
People Acting In Community Together Inc. Santa Clara To support grassroots community organizing efforts which empower everyday people of low and moderate incomes to advocate for policy change to protect tenants and to preserve affordable housing in Silicon Valley. $45,000
People For Open Space Inc. Santa Clara To support increased access to affordable housing through an innovative housing strategy in Sunnyvale that serves as a model for increasing affordable housing production and protecting low-income tenants. $35,000
Public Advocates Inc. San Mateo, Santa Clara To support tenant protections and the preservation and production of affordable housing — the "3Ps" — in Silicon Valley by winning strong regional policies that drive local change and implementing new state housing laws. $70,000
Regents of The University of California at Berkeley San Mateo, Santa Clara Supplemental funding for grant 102282 to inform land development policy by examining entitlement processes in selected California jurisdictions in coastal communities in Northern and Southern California to understand how individual land use regulations—be it zoning, specific plan, environmental or design review—impact the development approval timeline $352,857
Sacred Heart Community Service Santa Clara To support grassroots campaigns—for local and state policy changes—that will increase funding for affordable housing and will transform our community to work together to address the housing crisis.  $35,000
San Francisco Foundation San Mateo, Santa Clara To support the GCC’s work to build equitable and sustainable communities in the Bay Area by advancing land use and transportation investments that result in communities with affordable housing, accessible transit, and where low-income communities and communities of color can stay and thrive. $135,000
Urban Habitat Program San Mateo To support low-income communities and communities of color in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties in building capacity to advocate for policies that prevent the displacement of current renters and to participate meaningfully in the development of long-term solutions to housing affordability. $45,000
Working Partnerships USA Santa Clara In support of Silicon Valley residents’ ability to live and work in the region develop resources for collective ownership models; preserve affordable housing; and provide stronger protection against evictions and displacement. $40,000
The Kelsey San Mateo To support a cutting edge pilot project for housing for people with disabilities alongside market rate and affordable units in San Jose. Scalable blueprint for inclusive community development that is financially viable, based on location and funding source and supports the best outcomes for individuals of all abilities, incomes and backgrounds. $25,000
    Total $1,217,857