Increasing Access to Public Transit Opportunities - 2018

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Foundation for Regional Transit Both In support of changes to Caltrain fare structure to increase affordability and accessibility to, and usage by low-income riders. $21,000
Menlo Spark (Fiscal sponsor: Trust for Conservation Innovation) San Mateo To support disadvantaged Bayside communities of East Palo Alto and Belle Haven through supporting and amplifying resident voices in the regional and local transportation planning process. $10,000
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Both To support affordable housing production, preservation, and tenant protections in all 101 cities and 9 counties in the Bay Area through a regional equitable transit-oriented development policy that leverages MTC’s statutory powers and funding. $60,000
Prospect Silicon Valley Both In support of improving access to public transit, evaluate potential costs and benefits of automated, on-demand shuttles that could provide first- and last-mile connections to transit in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. $60,000
San Francisco Foundation Both To support Great Communities Collaborative’s transit and TOD efforts, advancing our vision of an equitable and sustainable Bay Area where low-income people and communities of color are engaged in shaping their own future and thrive in place. $60,000
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Both To support building capacity of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), low income communities, and city staff to ensure that historically and systemically underserved communities are an important part of active transportation planning and decisions. $25,000
TransFormCA Both To support community engagement and coalition-building in Silicon Valley for more equitable transportation outcomes, especially around San Mateo County’s Measure W implementation, the potential regional mega measure, and optimizing the use of managed lanes on Highway 101. $78,333
Urban Habitat Program Both To support expanded, reliable, and affordable transit service for low-income communities and communities of color by increasing funding for transportation investments, while reducing the risk of displacement from these investments. $68,333
Working Partnerships USA Santa Clara In support of achieving transportation equity,  we will collaborate with policymakers, grassroots leaders and transit advocates to ensure that new policy include low-income residents’ voices and learning about new transit models and technology. $20,000
Youth Leadership Institute San Mateo To support and heighten effectiveness and community voice to increase access to reliable, safe, and affordable local public transit. $68,333
    Total $470,999