Increasing Access to Public Transit Opportunities - 2019

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Foundation For Regional Transit San Mateo, Santa Clara In support of a more seamless public transit system in the Bay Area with integrated, equitable fares and coordinated service, this project will expand access to economic and educational opportunities through improved access to public transportation, especially for low-income people. $35,000
Public Advocates Inc. San Mateo, Santa Clara To support regional coalition building around a shared framework for transportation expenditures that will increase transit opportunities while creating good-paying jobs and reducing carbon emissions, with protections and benefits for underserved communities. $25,000
Southern California Streets Initiative Santa Clara To support the creation of a new position at Streetsblog San Francisco to elevate voices and frame the discussion of how, when and where investments should be made in transportation and housing in the Silicon Valley. $25,000
SPUR San Mateo, Santa Clara In support of SPUR’s research, education and advocacy to align transit fares across the Bay Area’s twenty-seven (27) different transit operators into a simple, affordable and easy to understand system that encourages and supports transit ridership.  $30,000
SV Home Santa Clara To support and facilitate opportunities for  transit-oriented housing development in vibrant mixed-use developments at key transit stations in Santa Clara County, including BART, CalTrain, and VTA, with a priority for housing affordable to lower- and moderate-income households. $40,000
Transformca San Mateo, Santa Clara To support community engagement and coalition-building for more equitable transportation outcomes as part of San Mateo County’s Measure W Strategic Plan and a potential regional mega measure. $40,000
Urban Habitat Program San Mateo To advance equitable regional and local transportation investments that increase mobility, especially for low-income communities of color. $50,000
Working Partnerships USA San Mateo, Santa Clara To support the goal of an improved public transit system with increased ridership, we will expand access to local bus and light rail services for transit-dependent riders and promote equitable transit-oriented development through policy advocacy, coalition building and community organizing. $55,000
Youth Leadership Institute San Mateo To support and continue to convene the Transportation Equity Allied Movement Coalition (TEAMC), in San Mateo County.  $50,000
Good Karma Bikes Santa Clara To support its innovative Transportation for Transformation program through providing a weekly mobile bike clinic and granting free bikes to low income commuters, thereby offering alternative first mile/last mile solutions as wells providing employment opportunities to foster youth. $15,000
San Francisco Foundation San Mateo, Santa Clara To support the GCC’s work to build equitable and sustainable communities in the Bay Area by advancing land use and transportation investments that result in communities with affordable housing, accessible transit, and where low-income communities and communities of color can stay and thrive. $40,000
    Total $405,000