Investment Options

We offer a variety of investment solutions to meet the goals of your clients, including an exceptional selection of investment pools with access to world-class investment managers and alternative investment strategies, and our individually managed fund program

Individually Managed Funds

Our individually managed fund program offers financial advisors a way to remain involved in their client's charitable wishes while maintaining investment advisory capacity over the assets. To learn more about the individually managed fund program, contact or 650.450.5517.

Investment Pools

Five investment pool options are designed to meet a range of philanthropic goals and time horizons.  Your clients may allocate to one or more pools. Each fund's investment pool allocation is maintained through regular monthly rebalancing. Pool allocations may be changed once per year or upon a significant change in charitable goals or time horizon. For additional details, click on the name of each investment pool in the table below.  For a current performance report, please contact us.

Investment Pool

Investment Horizon


Long-Term Growth

7 years or more

Diversified portfolio of global stocks and bonds
50% equity, 20% fixed income and 30% alternatives

Social Impact

7 years or more

Diversified portfolio of global stocks and bonds from companies with strong financial and social records
65% equity, 32% fixed income and 6% alternatives


3 to 7 years

Balanced portfolio of global stocks and bonds
50% fixed income, 40% equity and 10% alternatives


1 to 3 years

Portfolio of U.S. short term and global bonds
100% U.S. and global fixed income

Capital Preservation

1 year or less

Portfolio of liquid, short term securities
100% money market securities and bank CDs