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Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Castellano Family FoundationCreated by Silicon Valley Community Foundation with seed funding from the Castellano Family Foundation, the LatinXCEL Fund calls for vastly increased funding for Silicon Valley’s Latinx community leaders and Latinx-led nonprofits through targeted, long-term investments. The fund is being launched in May 2021.

Latinx communities experience widening disparities in income, education, health and housing compared to their white and Asian counterparts. This equity gap is exacerbated by a persistent lack of access to philanthropic dollars by Latinx nonprofit leaders and Latinx-led organizations. The LatinXCEL Fund is founded on the belief that investing in Latinx-led organizations will, in turn, build the power and self-determination of Latinx people most impacted by structural racism. The ultimate aim is to transform our region into one that is more inclusive and just, where all Latinx community members can thrive.

The LatinXCEL Fund builds on the recommendations and findings from “Blueprint for Change: A Call to Action for Silicon Valley Philanthropy to Engage and Support Latinx Organizations, Communities and Leaders for the Common Good.” Released in 2020 by the Castellano Family Foundation, the report is rooted in two years of extensive research, community outreach and executive consultations with many of our region’s leading civic and social investment principals. More than 65 Latinx-led and Latinx community-based organizations contributed their unique perspectives, lived experiences and expertise to inform the report, which ultimately calls for philanthropy in Silicon Valley to invest in Latinx leaders and nonprofit organizations.

The work to dismantle systems of injustice must be led by the leaders and organizations that have been impacted by those systems. Through the LatinXCEL Fund, philanthropy has a unique role — investing in those leaders and their organizations to achieve a more inclusive and just community.

Who the fund will support

Organizations located in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties that are: 

  • Led by Latinx individuals or their allies and whose overall leadership reflects the Latinx community they serve, or 
  • Established community anchor organizations that have maintained a historical presence in Latinx communities, serving as trusted entities and playing major roles in advancing equity and social justice through community- and/or advocacy and movement-building, or
  • Emerging organizations rooted in the Latinx community with locally focused missions and/or racial equity agendas 

What the fund will support

The LatinXCEL Fund seeks to reverse long-standing inequities by investing in people and organizations that address the infrastructure needs of nonprofits serving Latinx communities. The Blueprint for Change report identifies four key areas in which more effective philanthropy and substantial investments can lead to exponential change, and which this fund will support:  

  • Leadership development including executive coaching, board development, peer mentoring and cross-sector learning 
  • Capacity-building and organizational development for established and emerging organizations, including smaller, grassroots or volunteer-based nonprofits 
  • Cross-sector collaboration, consulting and technical assistance to address organizational infrastructure needs 
  • Unrestricted funding to enable these organizations to engage in policy advocacy, movement-building and coalition work

The LatinXCEL Fund is a fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation. SVCF manages the funds and will implement the program.

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