Long-Term Growth Pool

The investment objective of this pool is long-term growth through inflation-adjusted returns that maintain the purchasing power of annual distributions. The pool is designed for assets that will remain invested for 7 years or more to benefit from long-term opportunities that can only be realized from a patient investment strategy.

Asset Allocation GraphAsset Allocation

The pool seeks to achieve its objective by investing in a variety of asset classes, investment styles and strategies that are mostly managed by active, institutional investment managers. The pool invests in publicly traded stocks and bonds from U.S. and non-U.S. markets, as well as private equity and other types of alternative investments including venture capital funds, buy-out and special situation funds, hedge funds, real estate funds and real assets.



Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

Fixed Income


Portfolio expense ratio 1.18%

Expenses are subject to change due to changes in investment policy, invesment managers or service providers. Expenses shown do not include carried interest, incentive fees or the expense of individual managers within funds of funds (indicated with an " * ").