Nathan Kuerschner

Senior Manager, Donor Services, Operations

As senior manager for Donor Services, Operations, Nathan works to identify and implement process improvements, analyze data and trends, develop new tools to drive excellent service, and build a more scalable and efficient operation. In this role, Nathan builds on his multiple years of experience with the Donor Experience and Engagement team to ensure that SVCF provides world-class donor experience.
Prior to joining the community foundation, Nathan worked in the nonprofit community in the Bay Area. Previously, Nathan provided research and strategic analysis for a hospitality labor union. As part of this role, he helped curate and maintain a large internal database, assisted in strategic initiatives and research projects, and provided key organizing, events and structural support. Nathan also worked at a public library in his hometown.
Nathan comes from just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree in International History with a concentration in African Studies. Outside of work, Nathan enjoys discussing history and social justice, playing board games with friends, and watching old movies.