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Organizationsort descending Status
Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children Direct
Cambodian Children's House of Peace Intermediary
CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation Direct
Canada Learning Code Direct
Canadian Cancer Society Direct
Canadian Online Giving Foundation Direct
Cancer Institute (WIA) Intermediary
Cancer Research UK Intermediary
CanKids...KidsCan Intermediary
CARE India Intermediary
CARE International Deutschland e.V. Intermediary
CARE International UK Intermediary
Carleton University Direct
CASA - Escuela de Parteras Profesionales Intermediary
Casa Viva Costa Rica Intermediary
Cat Action Team Direct
Caucasus Nature Fund Intermediary
CDI Europe Intermediary
Center of Museum Initiatives Direct
Centraide du Grand Montreal Intermediary
Central America Leadership Initiative Foundation Intermediary
Centre des monuments nationaux Intermediary
Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology Direct
Centre for Orangutan Protection Intermediary
Centre for Quantum Technologies Intermediary
Centre for World Solidarity Direct
Centre Pompidou Intermediary
Centro de Informacion y Educacion para la Prevencion del Abu Direct
Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo A. C. Direct
Chamber Orchestra of Europe Intermediary
Chameleon Association Intermediary
Champions Education Association Direct
Chancellor Masters & Scholars of the University of Oxford Direct
Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambrid Direct
Charitable Giving Direct
Charite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin Direct
Charity Science Foundation of Canada Direct
Chartres Sanctuaire du Monde Intermediary
Cherie Blair Foundation For Women Direct
Chernobyl Children International Intermediary
Chi Heng Foundation Limited Intermediary
Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) Intermediary
ChildFund Korea Direct
Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation Direct
Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc. Direct
ChildVision Intermediary
China Dialogue Trust Direct
Chinseu Community Based Organisation Intermediary
CIRAD Intermediary
Citizens Foundation Intermediary
Civic Force Intermediary
CIVICUS Intermediary
Clean Clothes Campaign Direct
Close the Gap Intermediary
Club Medela MTB Direct
Coderdojo Foundation Intermediary
Comision de Solidaridad y Defensa de los Derechos Humanos A Direct
Community Foundation of Ottawa Direct
Community Initiative and Facilitation for Assistance Direct
Compter sur Demain Intermediary
Computers for Schools Kenya Direct
Comunidad y Justicia Intermediary
Concern Worldwide Intermediary
Consultor'a Tecnica Comunitaria A.C. Direct
Cool Australia Direct
Corporacion Juntos Construyendo Futuro Intermediary
Covenant House Toronto Intermediary
Cowichan United Way Intermediary
CREA New Delhi Intermediary
Credit Valley Conservation Foundation Direct
Crossroads Foundation Limited Intermediary
Cruz Roja Mexicana Direct
Cry - Child Rights & You Intermediary
Cultural Center Asha Direct
Cystic Fibrosis Canada Direct