The Banyan

The Banyan

Since 1993 The Banyan has been an integral part of the chain of care for people with mental illness in Chennai. The projects have changed the lives of over 5,000 people by providing services to support them in reaching their definition of recovery: o Care with a human touch: ensuring effective treatment with a model that combines medication and rehabilitation: psychological therapies, vocational training, occupational therapy and reintegration with communities. o Treatment close to home: to encourage those with mental illness and their care givers to seek professional help by making the process easy and accessible. o Assistance for the whole family: to relieve the resource burden of a mentally ill relative both physically and financially and to ensure effective care at home. o Understanding & awareness for change: sensitizing communities, schools, Panchayats, government bodies and other stakeholders to encourage a change within policy and civil society that allows those with mental illness to live lives of their choosing in dignity and respect.




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