Fee Table for Utilizing Silicon Valley Community Foundation Global Charity Database

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (“SVCF”) maintains a vetted list of international non-governmental organizations (“NGO”) that have been through SVCF’s equivalency determination due diligence and determined to be eligible to receive philanthropic grants.  Individuals or organizations may support NGOs on this list based upon the following fee table. The following fees will be deducted from the grant to your selected NGO.

If you are a current SVCF fund holder, please contact your philanthropy advisor or donate@siliconvalleycf.org.

Minimum Gift Amount to SVCF Transaction Fee
(% of total grant amount)
Credit Card Fee
Credit Card Fee
Wire Fee
    (* fees are for US cardholders,
add an additional 1% for non-US cardholders)


2.2% + $0.30



Individuals and organization may request that additional NGOs be added to SVCF’s list.  The fee to add a new organization is a one-time $750 per NGO.  Each new organization will be included in SVCFs regular renewal process at no additional charge.  Once the NGO has been vetted, individuals or organizations may utilize the fee table above to advise grants through SVCF.