FrontlineSMS was one of the first platforms to help harness the power of mobile technology for social change. Having seen how SMS was widely used in sub-saharan Africa in 2004, our Founder Ken Banks built and launched the first prototype of FrontlineSMS in 2005. Our first official user was the Kubatana Trust, in Zimbabwe. Interest in the platform grew rapidly, and we created the kiwanja Foundation, now the Social Impact Foundation, to house our work. In 2008, FrontlineSMS became open-source and began to see focussed sector-specific application as FrontlineSMS:Medic and FrontlineSMS:Credit began. In late 2009, FrontlineSMS hired its first in-house developer. By the end of 2009, FrontlineSMS had been downloaded 4,605 times and we had been awarded a Silicon Valley Tech Award for our work.




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