Hindu Seva Pratishthana

Hindu Seva Pratishthana

Vision SEVA HI PARAMO DHARMAH ' (Dedication and selfless service are our basic ideals) The overall work of HSP is founded on the above ideals. Service to society is an obligatory duty. Through service one can attain contentment in life. Our vision is a self-reliant society where people have a sense of service and take care of social issues locally. Mission LOKA HITHAM MAMA KARANEEYAM ' (Little for self, everything else for society) HSP is committed to the upliftment of the under n served and people with special needs without discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Through service HSP aims to bring about a transformation in the society where people and communities are self-reliant. The instruments of this change are Sevavratis n young men and women volunteers n many of them who dedicate their lives fully to the noble cause of serving the society.




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