PlaNet Finance

PlaNet Finance

Helping men and women to create the conditions for a better life for future generations across the world, such is the mission of Positive Planet. Positive Planet was created out of the growth and transformation of PlaNet Finance. This organization was initially devoted to the development of financial inclusion worldwide, and intended for the poorest inhabitants. Over the last 20 years, financial inclusion has evolved considerably. From a series of small initiatives, it has become a large-scale movement offering financial and non-financial services, improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Today, the challenge facing us is not so much the pursuance of development as such but its qualitative nature and long-term orientation: the fact that it be fair, in a healthy environment, that water be available and sustainable energy abundant, that education and health be accessible for everyone, that housing be offered to all. When development achieves these objectives, it allows everyone, and particularly the poorest, to fulfil his/her potential for the benefit of future generations, which is the very definition of the positive economy.




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