We are a non-profit association with over 16 years of experience helping to improve the quality and equity of education in Mexico, through introducing technology into the teaching and learning. We also believe that reducing the competitiveness gap between Mexico and the more developed countries, is a challenge that can not be the sole responsibility of the government but of the whole society and especially in the productive sectors.



As required by law, all assets contributed to funds held by the community foundation become irrevocable gifts to the community foundation, and legal control and responsibility for such assets rest with the community foundation. Assets contributed to the community foundation are subject to the community foundation’s variance power, as set forth in the community foundation’s bylaws. Variance power gives the community foundation the authority to modify any restriction or condition on the distribution of funds for any specified charitable purposes or to specified organizations. In the event that a distribution cannot be made to a specified organization, SVCF will select an alternate grantee to receive the funds.

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