San Mateo and Santa Clara County Asset Building Grantees - 2011

Organization Area served Purpose Amount
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Santa Clara To continue expanding and improving Catholic Charities' free tax preparation services and financial education to very low- and low-income clients. $110,508
Community Financial Resources San Mateo and Santa Clara To expand and enhance a product-based financial education program that leverages the principles of Behavioral Economics and uses popular education techniques to increase the financial capabilities of “under-banked” low-income families. $45,000
Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto San Mateo To implement a collaborative community financial training program that teaches East Palo Alto residents to take charge of their household finances, encourages banking, and provides financial products and one-on-one coaching to build assets. $87,611
EARN (Earned Assets Resource Network) San Mateo and Santa Clara To complete and evaluate a ground-breaking pilot project that provides direct client financial coaching and coaching training for agencies serving low-income families. $109,470
Opportunity Fund San Mateo and Santa Clara To continue helping working families build financial capability and savings through a nationally–recognized microsavings program and to support efforts to engage clients, maximize learning opportunities, and successfully open a matched savings account. $110,000
Pacifica Resource Center, a Project of the Tides Center San Mateo To continue to help stabilize Pacifica residents beyond emergency needs and improve longer term economic self-sufficiency by incorporating financial education and asset-building into core services, in particular free tax preparation, financial support groups and financial coaching. $65,000
Peninsula Family Service San Mateo To deliver a Financial Empowerment Program that offers services including prepaid cards, Individual Development Accounts, access to banking products and financial literacy to the unbanked and those with challenging credit histories. $55,000
Project Read, North San Mateo County San Mateo To contine providing financial management training and one-on-one coaching and begin support groups for underserved populations, low-income adult literacy students, and first- and second-generation immigrant families so they can build assets and secure their financial future. $90,000
Sacred Heart Community Service Santa Clara To continue implementing an Asset Building for Independence project, which helps people facing poverty gain financial stability and become economically self-sufficient by providing access to “bundled” services, tools to gain assets, financial education and intensive staff support. $75,000
Self-Help Economic Development (SHED) Santa Clara To continue integrating financial education with accessible financial products and services at the credit union's Micro Branch to assist low-income families in achieving greater financial stability, including a project analyzing prior year outcomes and sharing information with organizations serving the same population. $84,530
United Way Bay Area on behalf of SparkPoint San Mateo Center San Mateo To expand the SparkPoint San Mateo Center at Skyline College so low-income and minority program participants have access to a full range of integrated financial education and asset building tools. $90,000
United Way Silicon Valley Santa Clara To continue implementing a Credit Coaching program that provides a skilled-volunteer opportunity for community members while also providing financial coaching to low income individuals and families in Santa Clara County. $102,582