One Nation Bay Area Grantees 2012

Name of Organization County Served Project Description Grant
African Community Health Institute Santa Clara ACHI provides public health and immigration related services to immigrants and refugees from Africa using culturally competent approaches.  Funding will allow African immigrant youth to engage in interfaith arts and civic activities that help bridge cultures and reinforce positive attitudes. $5,000
Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County Santa Clara Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County changes lives for good, helping people of all cultures and beliefs rise up out of poverty and overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency. Funding to Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County and in partnership with several interfaith partners, will allow various religious and community organizations to identify priority concerns and how to work collaboratively to improve multicultural relationships between the Muslim and non-Muslim community in Santa Clara County. $10,000
Congregational Church of San Mateo San Mateo Funding is to support a collaboration between the Congregational Church of San Mateo, the Muslim Children’s Garden School in San Mateo and Peninsula Temple Beth El in support Peace Village Interfaith Summer Day Camp.   The project is an interfaith peace education summer day camp for children from Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities in San Mateo County. Under the leadership of skilled teachers and trained teen/young adult group leaders, villagers will explore peacemaking through learning experiences in peaceful conflict resolution, media literacy, different religious practices, yoga, field trips, art, music, community service opportunities and more.  $10,000
League of Women Voters Education Fund San Mateo LWVCEF is a non-partisan civic organization with decades of voter service and education.  Funding will support training and resources to support enhanced and effective civic participation by the Bay Area Muslim Community. $10,000
Peninsula Clergy Network San Mateo, Santa Clara The PCN is an interactive network of all clergy in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties in order to build knowledge, understanding, and working relationships. The PCN promotes increased interaction between religious and civic leaders on behalf of the communities they jointly serve.  Funding will support ongoing engagement between the leadership and participants of the Muslim Community Association of the Peninsula and the clergy and civic leaders of the Peninsula during and following Friday prayer services. $10,000
People Acting Together in Community Santa Clara PACT is an inter-faith, grassroots organization that empowers everyday people to create a more just community. Funding will support the building of relationships and alliances between Muslim and non-Muslim community members in order to work together to create solutions to problems impacting communities. $10,000
Abraham's Vision San Francisco, Alameda Abraham’s Vision (AV) is a conflict transformation organization that explores group and individual identities through experiential and political education. Its Unity Program teaches American Muslim and Jewish youth about each other while strengthening their relationships to their own communities. Tensions between American populations of Muslims and Jews mirror the increasing strife in the Middle East. In some locations, including the Bay Area, these tensions have escalated into episodes of physical violence. The Unity Program supports Muslim and Jewish 15-18 year old youth to understand the complexities of modern conflict and develop the skills to transform communities and create sustainable solutions to inter-communal strife. Abraham’s Vision partners with scholars of comparative religion, conflict resolution and transformation, to work in three districts within San Francisco and four schools in the East Bay.  $7,500
Afghan Coalition Alameda The Afghan Coalition is a community-based umbrella organization that aims to build relationships and increase civic engagement among community members by bringing together American Muslim and non-Muslim leaders and residents to address community issues facing Southern Alameda County.  Funding is to strengthen relationships between secular Afghanis and mosque leaders as well as recruit volunteers for and ensure active Afghani immigrant participation in Fremont’s Make a Difference Day scheduled in October 2012. $10,000
Arab Cultural Center Regional The Arab Cultural and Community Center is a leading resource for social services and referrals for Arab American communities in the San Francisco Bay Area that promotes cross-cultural events open to all residents of the Bay Area.  In partnership with Alef,b, a community organization that offers Arabic language classes for youth, funding will engage the religiously diverse Bay Area Arab community to work towards shared social justice goals and produce a teaching guide to accompany a short video. This resource will empower educators teaching about Islam to use a critical race lens and asset-based cultural engagement approach when discussing Islam, Muslims, and Islamophobia. $10,000
Arab Resource and Organizing Center San Francisco, Alameda Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) is a grassroots organization working to empower and organize within the Arab community  Funding will allow AROC to host a grassroots organizing leadership training to facilitate greater collaboration between their organization and four local Bay Area mosques.  The need to deepen a relationship with mosques will enable AROC’s multiple grassroots leaders to better collaborate on campaigns and projects. The project will also advance the work of Coalition for a Safe San Francisco.  $10,000
Buena Vista Community Institute/Buena Vista United Methodist Regional The Buena Vista Community Institute (BVCI) is the community development arm of Buena Vista United Methodist Church (BVUMC) in the city of Alameda.  Since 2008, the church and the community institute have engaged in education and advocacy for Palestinian human rights through the larger church and community.  BVCI will provide policy oversight and fund development for staffing the proposed project to document and share the historical and personal experiences of 12 Christian and Muslim Palestinians living in the Bay Area.  It will chronicle these stories in the larger context of their displacement and dispossession of land and home.  The stories will be a catalyst for a series of community events aimed at broader public education and collaboration with student, faith, and ethnic communities. The project objectives were identified in collaboration with the project co-sponsor, the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora Initiative at San Francisco State University. $10,000
Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) Regional CLUE-CA is a statewide alliance of interfaith organizations throughout California that brings an interfaith voice to statewide collaborations on immigrants rights, health care, the state budget crisis, environmental and worker justice issues.  Funding will promote the visibility of the Indonesian Muslim experience and increase the civic engagement and interfaith participation of Indonesian Muslim immigrants in immigrant rights and community issues in the Bay Area. $7,500
Congregations Organizing for Renewal (COR) Alameda COR is an organization that builds the leadership capacity of low and moderate income people living in southern Alameda County, empowering them to participate in the decision-making process in their local governing bodies.  Funding to this collaborative project will allow local community partner organizations to engage Muslim and non-Muslim residents in a campaign to advocate for a Fremont youth center; identify and address priority issues of local youth, and build a more powerful Muslim voice through the PICO network, a faith-based community organizing network of groups that brings together faith communities to address the problems and concerns of their communities. $10,000
Golden Thread Productions Regional Golden Thread Production is a theatre company that promotes theatre as a forum for cultural exchange, exploring Middle Eastern culture and identity as represented throughout the globe.  Funding will support public education about Islam through the creation and touring of original theater performances inspired by Islamic history and philosophy.  Golden Thread will present informative and dynamic theatrical narratives of Islam to the general public, followed by discussions and study guides and additional resources. $7,500
Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County Contra Costa The Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County is a group of congregations and faith organizations which works with religious communities that address health, social justice and education issues. Funding for the interfaith project "Setting the Table, Serving the Community," will address a variety of food-related issues and needs, such as food security, obesity, and lack of understanding about religious and ethnic differences toward food.  $7,500
International Association of Sufism Marin The International Association of Sufism is a nongovernmental organization of the United Nations, Department of Public Information that introduce Sufism in all its varied forms, promotes the relationships between Sufi principles and scientific principles and provides a forum for a continuing dialogue between the different schools of Sufism.  Funding  will support a six‐month program of dialogue, roundtable discussions, personal stories amongst Dominican University Muslim and non‐Muslim students, in hope for mutual understanding and continuous dialogue. $10,000
Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) Alameda The ICCNC is a community-based organization, which cultivates the exchange of ideas about Islam through art, culture, and education programs. Funding will expand ICCNC's existing interfaith food service program to deepen the trust, understanding, and connection between Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities while serving Oakland's most vulnerable populations, including the homeless and individuals/families that have fallen on difficult economic times in the Oakland area. $10,000
Islamic Networks Group (ING) Alameda, Contra Costa ING is a non-profit organization that counters prejudice, promotes intercultural understanding, and fosters mutual respect through education and community engagement. Funding will create institutional and volunteer relationships to help Bay Area Muslim organizations become effective partners in joint interfaith community service that promotes collaborative community solutions, alliances and partnerships. $10,000
Marin Interfaith Council Marin MIC brings religious leaders and members of various faith communities together for study and celebration throughout the year. Funding will sustain and expand engagement and outreach of MIC with Muslim congregations and communities in Marin, whereby non‐Muslim and Muslim leaders regularly encounter each other, break down stereotypes and address current anti‐Muslim prejudice. $10,000
Oakland Community Organizations (OCO) Alameda OCO is one of the largest grassroots organizations in Oakland, with forty member congregations and allied community organizations that represents 40,000 families from East, West and North Oakland. Funding to OCO will support its new partnership with a local mosque, Masjid Tasbeeh, to promote social action through collaboration between American Muslim and non-Muslim communities of faith to garner increased economic opportunities for hard to employ black and brown men age 16-35. $10,000
San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC) San Francisco The SFIC has brought people of different faith traditions together, providing spiritual comfort at times of crisis, building understanding among various religious traditions, celebrating diversity, and coordinating safety net services for residents in San Francisco. Funding to SFIC will allow for  quarterly interfaith dinners and discussions to address issues of education, immigration, racial profiling and gender as they impact American Muslims. $7,500
San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP) San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa The SFOP is a grassroots coalition of congregations and schools working to create innovative solutions to the economic and racial injustices facing residents of San Francisco.  In partnership with the San Francisco Muslim Community Center, funding to SFOP will identify the needs of local Muslim and Non-Muslim residents in different San Francisco neighborhoods including Bayview, Excelsior, Fillmore and Tenderloin, as well as in Antioch, Pittsburgh, and Oakland by using the PICO community organizing model, a faith-based community organizing model that brings together faith communities to address the problems and concerns of their communities. $10,000
United Religions Initiative (URI) Alameda URI is an international, grassroots, interfaith bridge-building organization modeled after the United Nations.  In collaboration with local partners, funding to URI will allow them to train 20 Muslim, Sikh and other youth in Fremont and the South East Bay.  Youth will be trained in areas of cultural and religious literacy and participate in leadership development to implement two service projects and address religious and ethnic discrimination that marginalizes communities and causes conflict within schools, neighborhoods and workplaces. $10,000
Voice of Witness Regional Voice of Witness is a non-profit organization that uses oral history storytelling and publications to empower those most directly affected by contemporary human rights injustices, by creating public awareness, discussion and action, and providing documentation for teaching and advocacy.  With this funding VOW will offer oral history training for Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian (AMEMSA) communities, provide curricula support for teachers and community educators, and distribute the “Patriot Acts” series to serve as a teacher's resource guide in local high schools and organizations.  The project will include adults as well as adolescents aged 13-18, with a focus on populations and schools in San Francisco and Oakland.  $7,500
Zawaya Regional Zawaya is dedicated to preserving, promoting and presenting Arab American’s cultural heritage through music and art.  Funding will support the creation of a new musical ensemble tentatively named “Ibtihalat” (‘invocations’) focusing on Islamic music. Their goal is to raise awareness and understanding through musical performances by recruiting ensemble members from Muslim and non-Muslim communities across the Bay Area. $10,000
    One Nation Total for 25 grants $230,000