Open a Fund

You have a vision. Now how do you put it into action? At SVCF, you have options. There are as many ways to fund your philanthropic strategy as there are philanthropists. We’ll help you decide the best way for you.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation is the region's leader for innovative charitable solutions. Our expert team provides personalized service and flexibility in charitable giving so you can focus on the joy and excitement of making a difference.

Charitable funds

Make your charitable giving easier by making grants to your favorite nonprofits from one fund.

A small group of like-minded people pool their contributions towards a common charitable purpose.

Choose your level of participation with a donor involved or community foundation managed scholarship fund.

Offers a great way to turn memorial gifts into a lasting legacy in your loved one's name.

Establishing an Advised Fund (PDF Packet)
All the forms needed to establish a donor advised, committee advised, scholarship or memorial fund.

Establishing an Individually Managed Fund 
For donors with more than $1 million in assets, we offer you the opportunity to recommend an investment advisor to manage the fund and ensure its growth. 

Support your favorite charitable organization in perpetuity or over a set number of years.

Create a resource to support the causes you care about deeply.

Support the communities within Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in perpetuity and leave a lasting legacy.

Establishing a Non-Advised Fund (PDF Packet)
All the forms needed to establish a designated, field of interest or named endowed fund.

Creating a Corporate Advised Fund
Contains all of the information and forms needed to establish a corporate advised fund.

Creating a Nonprofit Fund
Contains all of the information and forms needed to establish a nonprofit fund.

  • Fiscal Sponsorship Funds

By entrusting finances, compliance and operations to our team of nonprofit management experts in fiscal sponsorship funds, new social, environmental and community-building initiatives are able to focus solely on their mission. Managing a philanthropic project that has not yet received 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS takes a significant amount of time and money. SVCF can help by accepting tax-deductible dollars before the nonprofit determination is awarded — that way, you can move your initiative forward while awaiting your nonprofit status. 

Other charitable vehicles


A supporting organization allows you to hire staff and convene a board. These funds are more flexible than private foundations, and SVCF handles all of the administrative oversight — including IRS-mandated tax returns and annual audits. Supporting organizations are individual 501(c)(3) public charities under Section 509(a)(3) of the tax code. 

  • Private Foundations

A private foundation is a great vehicle for charitable giving, but sometimes, managing all of the foundation's affairs can become a burden and diminish the joy of giving. If you would like to free yourself to spend more time on the causes you care about, consider using SVCF’s private foundation back-office services. SVCF can also help unwind a private foundation into a donor advised fund.  

  • Charitable LLCs

SVCF's expert staff can help you set up a Charitable Limited Liability Company (Charitable LLC), a flexible vehicle donors can use to execute a wide variety of philanthropic activities. We can assist with compliance, tax filings and setting up your Charitable LLC’s governing documents.

Planned Giving

A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between a donor and the community foundation

One Life (PDF)

Two Consecutive Lives (PDF)

Two Lives, Joint and Survivor (PDF)
One signed agreement is all that is needed to establish a charitable gift annuity. There are three types of charitable gift annuity contracts for both immediate and deferred annuities, based on the annuitant(s). Please contact us for more details.

Disclosure Statement (PDF)
Important policies associated with establishing and maintaining a charitable gift annuity with the community foundation.

Making Contributions

  • Making Contributions

The community foundation accepts many types of gifts including cash, credit cards, public, private and restricted stock, and even real estate.

Please review the Gift Transfer Instructions (PDF) or contact for more details.

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