Press Release - December 22, 2015

Silicon Valley Community Foundation Announces 2016 Review Of Grantmaking Strategies

MOUNTAIN VIEW — More than seven years after launching its discretionary grantmaking program, Silicon Valley Community Foundation announced today that it will begin a strategic review process in 2016 to ensure that the organization is continuing to address Silicon Valley’s most pressing community needs.

Through its grantmaking strategies, SVCF supports the most effective and innovative organizations to solve the most challenging problems in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Since making its first grants in late 2008, SVCF has awarded more than $75 million in grants to over 500 local nonprofit organizations through its discretionary grantmaking program.

“It is important that our grantmaking investments continue to demonstrate impact, timeliness and relevance to the region’s residents consistent with our institutional goals and commitment to effective grantmaking,” said Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D., CEO and president of SVCF.

SVCF’s five grantmaking strategies were announced in 2008 after an extensive community input process. At that time, SVCF shared with the community that it would be making larger grants, over longer periods of time, and that it would do a refresh of its strategies after five years and conduct a more comprehensive review after the seven years.

The refresh process was completed in 2013 and the strategic review process will begin in 2016.  It will be carried out over a two year period.  There will be no changes to our grantmaking program during the 2016 calendar year.

“SVCF will engage the community in the review of its strategies. Any changes to the grantmaking strategies will require the approval of SVCF’s board of directors,” said Erica Wood, chief community impact officer for SVCF.

In keeping with the community foundation’s values of transparency and accountability, SVCF will share more about the review process in the months ahead.

To review SVCF’s impact briefs from our 2013 refresh process, please visit:

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