Press Release - June 29, 2015

Silicon Valley Gives Fundraising Event Will Expand To Include San Francisco Charities

Following successful regional “giving days” in 2014 and 2015, and in response to numerous requests from San Francisco-based nonprofit organizations, Silicon Valley Community Foundation announced today that the 2016 Silicon Valley Gives event will expand to include all charities based in San Francisco.

On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, Silicon Valley Gives – also called SVGives – will raise money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform, providing a simple way to connect donors to the charitable causes they care about most and encouraging them to take action. For the first time, all 501(c)(3) public charities serving San Francisco residents will be eligible to participate.

SVGives raised a total of nearly $16 million for nonprofit organizations in 2014 and 2015. In 2015, some 80 San Francisco-based charities registered to participate based on the fact that their services extended to residents of Santa Clara, San Mateo and/or San Benito counties – the three counties included in the inaugural event.

“In the Bay Area, community needs do not start and stop at a county line,” said Emmett Carson, CEO and president of SVCF. “After years of working with donors on the issues they care about, we know their sense of community is expansive – many people work in one part of the Bay Area, live in another and perhaps grew up in yet another. They strongly want to support community needs across a wide geography. We’re thrilled that the next SVGives will enable more charities to benefit from the philanthropic spirit of Silicon Valley.”

SVGives is hosted by SVCF and supported by a wide range of corporate, philanthropic and individual sponsors. The event aims to raise millions in charitable donations for local nonprofit organizations during 24 hours of online giving, as well as provide training to participating organizations that will help them improve their fundraising and communications capacities.

During the most recent Silicon Valley Gives event, held May 5, 2015, more than 17,000 individual donors contributed $7.8 million to local charities. More than 850 nonprofits based in Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Benito and San Francisco counties were registered to participate. Donors were able to contribute to their favorite charities with donations starting at just $10.

SVCF partners with funders to create matching gifts and prizes for the participating nonprofit groups. These incentives encourage community members to give during what can be a challenging fundraising period for nonprofit organizations.

To find out more about Silicon Valley Gives, including dates for upcoming information and training sessions for nonprofit organizations in fall 2015, please visit These sessions are designed not only to prepare organizations to fundraise during SVGives, but to build their long-term capacity to reach donors and communicate with the public.

For information about how to become a sponsor of Silicon Valley Gives, contact



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