Press Release - September 28, 2020

Joint Venture Board Names Nicole Taylor and Dave Wehner as Co-chairs

CEO of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, CFO of Facebook take helm

September 28, 2020– At their quarterly meeting on September 25, the Joint Venture Silicon Valley board of directors elected Nicole Taylor, chief executive officer of Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Dave Wehner, chief financial officer of Facebook, as new co-chairs.

Taylor and Wehner succeed San José Mayor Sam Liccardo and Matt Mahan, CEO of Brigade and Councilmember-elect for San José district 10. Mayor Liccardo will remain on the Joint Venture board.

“Silicon Valley is at a major inflection point,” said Dave Wehner. “The COVID-19 crisis has created immediate challenges for everyone in the community and emphasized the importance of addressing long-term issues like housing affordability and adequate transportation infrastructure. We can’t tackle those problems without a trusted organization pulling everybody together, providing a compelling vision of who we can be and then making it happen. That’s why I’m eager to assume this role to help address some of the most pressing economic and societal issues facing the Silicon Valley.”

"I am honored to be elected as Joint Venture's new board co-chair,” said Nicole Taylor.  “As Silicon Valley moves towards recovery, ​I believe Joint Venture can play a crucial role in working with local leaders to identify and implement innovative and equitable solutions to rebuild our communities​, and we can start with the recommendations put forth by the Silicon Valley Recovery Roundtable. I look forward to bringing my experience in the philanthropic sector ¾and all the community voices we represent ¾to my work in helping advance Joint Venture's mission during these unprecedented times.”

“As the Valley’s importance on the global stage increases, Joint Venture has been instrumental in ensuring our innovation is felt in all corners of the region and all our community members can benefit,” said Mayor Liccardo. “As a native San José-an, it has been an honor to serve as co-chair of Joint Venture to help chart that path and I look forward to continuing that endeavor as a board member.”

“It has been a privilege to help lead an organization known both for thought leadership and action,” said departing co-chair Matt Mahan. “I care very deeply about Joint Venture and its regional mission, which is why I’m so happy to hand my baton as private sector co-chair to someone with the vision and respect of Dave Wehner.”

Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a community foundation based in Mountain View and the largest in the United States, was founded in 2007. In 2019, the community foundation granted $1.26 billion to 5,752 local, national and international charitable organizations.

Dave Wehner is chief financial officer of Facebook, where he leads the finance, facilities and information technology teams.Founded in 2004, Facebook's mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook's apps and technologies to connect with friends and family, find communities and grow businesses.

Russell Hancock lauded the selections. “Mayor Liccardo and Matt Mahan have been extraordinary chairs and their faces will be carved into Joint Venture’s Mount Rushmore,” he observed. “Now Nicole and Dave will build on top of the substantial foundation they have laid. They have a vision for where we’re headed and a voracious appetite for the work involved. They also bring with them the force of their organizations, which sets a standard for others to follow. I can’t wait for everything that comes next.”