Private Foundation Services

A private foundation is a great vehicle for charitable giving. But sometimes, managing all of the foundation's affairs can become a burden and diminish the joy of giving. If you would like to free yourself to spend more time on the causes you care about, consider using SVCF’s private foundation services.

Why Outsource Foundation Management?

There are many reasons why private foundations decide to offload the management aspects of their philanthropy strategy:

  • The original purpose of the foundation no longer applies
  • Your philanthropic mission needs updating to meet changing needs
  • Rising operational and investment management costs
  • It’s too time-consuming to maintain regulatory compliance
  • It’s difficult to meet the annual 5% payout requirement
  • The family prefers to focus on philanthropy, not investments or administration
  • Foundation leadership transitions

Management Services

We are a valued resource for many private foundations. We provide extraordinary financial expertise, and are known for our flexibility in helping individuals and families achieve their philanthropic goals. Take advantage of our cost-effective management services and several options for private foundations.


You have several options for transitioning private foundation management to SVCF:

  1. Convert the foundation into a named advised fund: You can roll your private foundation into a SVCF named advised fund or supporting organization. Your new named advised fund can maintain the same name, identity and charitable goals, and our expert staff will help you continue your charitable giving without the burdensome administrative costs, IRS requirements, compliance regulations and excise tax payments associated with a private foundation.
  2. Donate the foundation's annual 5 percent required payout: If you have trouble meeting your annual 5 percent payout requirement, SVCF can help by accepting contributions from this payout. A private foundation's contribution to SVCF is a qualifying distribution, which can be placed in a donor advised fund and distributed to charity within 12 months. Your private foundation makes one grant, and SVCF disburses grants to qualified agencies based on your recommendations.
  3. Use SVCF consulting & management Services.: Private foundations, corporations, individual philanthropists, and nonprofits can take advantage of our consulting & management services.. We offer guidance on the art and science of giving effectively and provide full-service support for your administrative needs. Our professional, dedicated staff can help you accomplish your giving goals—from due diligence on an international nonprofit to managing your foundation's investments.