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Community-Driven Housing Priorities Report Summary

Community-Driven Housing Priorities Report

Civic Engagement Report Summary

San Francisco Bay Area Civic Engagement Report

Regional Transportation Measure Revenue Estimates

From Crisis to Solutions: A Case Study of East Palo Alto’s Water Supply

Bay Area Housing Crisis: Foster Youth On The Brink

Learnings from SVCF's On the Table 2017 Housing Conversations

Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis: How did we get here, and what can we do about it?

How Race, Ethnicity and Gender Impact Your Life’s Worth

Paying More for Being Poor: Bias and Disparity in California’s Traffic Court System

Policy Brief: Impacts on Silicon Valley and High Tech Industry from Commercial Property Tax Reform

Overview of current anti-discrimination law protecting LGBT persons

Anti-Payday Loan Ordinances in Three Metropolitan Areas

My Brother’s Keeper: San José

Disrupt Bias! Creating Tech Workplaces that Work for Everyone

San Mateo County's Forgotten South Coast Residents

My Brother's Keeper: San José

Disrupt Bias! Creating Tech Workplaces that Work for Everyone

Funding Cohorts

Human Trafficking in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Gives Report

Bay Area Muslim Study (full report) 
   - Executive Summary

Chinese American Philanthropy in the Bay Area: Study Findings (full report)
   - Companion Report

Philanthropy in the Indian American Community of Silicon Valley

2012: The City of San José's Budget Crisis

San Mateo County Coastside Tsunami-Preparedness Assessment Report

Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project Index of Silicon Valley

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