Racial Equity & Social Justice

June 2020 protest at San Jose City Hall

Skin color. Ethnic background. Country of origin. These are only a few characteristics often used to pass unqualified judgements on people – whether consciously or unconsciously. Such racial bias can suppress opportunities for people of color or disregard the needs of those who appear “different.” Throughout history, racism and oppression have perpetuated social, economic and systemic inequity. Discrimination has incited violence and inflicted trauma, dividing families, friends, communities and countries. It still does.

As the current racial divide spills into streets with renewed protests and demands for equity, we cannot idly wait for inclusivity to come. We must act – united – to reshape the institutions and policies that allow injustice. We must address systemic disparity, promote political justice and hold public officials accountable. We must elevate unheard voices and support those seeking to better integrate marginalized groups into our communities. The time to address racial equity is now.

To better understand how and why the country is at this critical time of reckoning, we have to educate ourselves on our nation's systems of oppression, its history and its policies. We must educate our youth, encouraging a new generation of activists for positive systemic change.

Let’s change what the future of “normal” looks like.

Message from our CEO

CEO Message:
Race, justice, COVID-19 efforts

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Nonprofits for Change

Organizations for racial equity & social justice

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Census: What’s at stake, make our voices count

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Civic Participation

Civic Participation: Engage & vote for the future

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We hope that the preliminary readings below help you better understand racial disparity and move you into action. We'll continue adding more resources to this list.


Recommended Reading

SVCF readers, including CEO Nicole Taylor, recommend these books:



Juneteenth has primarily been celebrated in the African American community – but this year presents a vital opportunity to inform a wider audience of its importance and encourage more people to understand that injustice and oppression still flourish in the U.S. and must be addressed by all in our country.


SVCF’s Commitment

In early June, philanthropic leaders —including our CEO— signed a joint statement to partner against anti-black racism.
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SVCF has also allied with Silicon Valley funders in a pledge to re-center our focus on communities of color.
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SVCF's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is reflected in our work across multiple initiatives since our founding in 2007. Under our recently completed strategic planning process, we have established priorities focusing on addressing systemic disparities, fostering a strong and engaged community, building a culture and practice of effective philanthropy in our region, and become the trusted and enduring institution this community deserves.

All of our work will be centered on creating a equitable communities and systems that will allow all Silicon Valley residents to lead financially secure, safe and fulfilling lives. We hold a vision of a Silicon Valley where everyone can thrive.