The Bailey Family Postgraduate Scholarship

For graduating seniors on the Princeton University varsity football team who intend to continue their studies and best exemplify the values and community of Princeton Athletics and University.

Scholarship Amount


Number of Scholarships

One scholarship per year (one-time scholarship)


The Bailey Family Postgraduate Scholarship was established by Mark and Laura Bailey, both lifelong scholar-athletes. The scholarship is part of their family’s efforts to give back and honor the scholar athlete tradition by providing recognition and support to young scholar athletes who are working hard to improve their lives, are pursuing higher education, and who over time will make a positive impact as future leaders in our society and in the world. Their hope is that the scholarship inspires recipients to find their own ways of giving back over the course of their lives. While this program focuses on awards to Princeton football players pursuing postgraduate studies, it is their hope that the recipients will touch the lives of many people beyond Princeton football; applying the lessons learned at Princeton to their life’s work as they lead and inspire others in their chosen fields and in their communities. The committee looks for students with academic and athletic excellence, qualities such as courage, leadership and character and volunteer and work accomplishments.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Senior class member of Princeton University’s varsity football team who best exemplifies the scholar-athlete tradition at Princeton by demonstrating courage, leadership and excellence in the classroom, and on the gridiron
  • Planning to pursue postgraduate studies on a full-time basis
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Demonstrated volunteer and work accomplishments