The Peninsula Regent Charitable Foundation Educational Grant Program

How to Apply

1. Starting January 1, 2021, register and login to Apply SVCF, our online application system. Applications are due March 19, 2021.

2. Complete your Apply SVCF profile; the system will use your profile information to determine your eligibility for scholarships.

3. If you are eligible, complete the online application. You’ll have to provide info on your education, extracurricular activities and financial information.

4. Upload the required application documents, outlined at left.

5. Save, review and finalize your application, then submit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Access our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about using our online application system, scholarship award payments, and more.

Peninsula Regent Program 2021 Timeline

January. 1, 2021
Application opens

March 19, 2021
Applications due

September 30, 2021
Due date for recipients to sign and submit Scholarship Acceptance and Agreement Form, along with enrollment verification documents. These documents and forms are needed before SVCF can mail scholarship award payments.


Questions about applying?

Contact 650.450.5487 or

Peninsula RegentFor Peninsula Regent Employees and/or their dependents who plan to attend an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational school.

Scholarship Amount

Up to $10,000

Number of Scholarships

Up to 30 one-time scholarships
Previous applicants/recipients may reapply


This program is made possible through the generous contributions of the residents of The Peninsula Regent. Educational grants between $1,000 and $10,000 each will be awarded annually. The program has been created to help employees and/or their dependents with the costs of higher education or the costs of attending courses, including those offered at community colleges and vocational schools.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current employee of TPR for at least 90 days as of the application deadline OR dependents of an employee who has worked at the TPR for at least 90 days as of the application deadline OR past TPR scholarship recipient and employee of the TPR who was employed for at least 90 days
  • Preference will be given to applicants with strong educational motivation, perseverance and involvement outside the classroom, and personal characteristics such as honesty and good judgment
  • The selection committee will also strongly consider applicants who have dropped out of school for reasons beyond their control or have undergone unusual hardships to remain in school
  • Demonstrated financial hardship
  • United States citizen or legal resident

Required Application Documents

In addition to the Apply SVCF application form, you are required to submit the following application documents to be considered for the Peninsula Regent Educational Grant Program.

1. Personal Statement

Submit your personal statement into your Apply SVCF application. Your 500-850 word personal statement should address the following prompts:

  • What are your educational and career goals?
  • Why do you feel it is important for you to continue your education at this time?
  • Why are you a good candidate to receive this scholarship?

2. Financial Need Documentation (PDF)

Evidence of financial need must be submitted to Apply SVCF for all SVCF Managed Scholarships accordingly:

U.S. citizens and legal U.S. residents: Upload a copy of your 2021-22 completed FAFSA and Student Aid Report (SAR)

Note: Do not assume you won’t be eligible for federal or state financial aid. Many institutional and private scholarships require that you complete the FAFSA to be considered for these types of awards. If your household’s financial situation drastically changes, you will be able to request an appeal. By appealing a financial aid award, some students are able to secure thousands of dollars in additional grants and student loans.

3. Two Letters of Recommendation (PDF)

Your two letters of recommendation must be signed and dated.

Employees: Provide one letter from each of the following: 

  • Your manager at Peninsula Regent (only for employees) on letterhead
  • A teacher, volunteer supervisor or personal acquaintance. (Volunteer or work supervisor letters must be on the organization’s letterhead. Personal acquaintance letters cannot come from parents or relatives.)

Dependents of employees: Provide two letters of recommendation from:

  • A teacher, volunteer supervisor or personal acquaintance. (Volunteer or work supervisor letters must be on the organization’s letterhead. Personal acquaintance letters cannot come from parents or relatives.) 

There are two ways to submit your letters of recommendation. 

  1. Obtain the two letters of recommendation from your recommenders and upload them yourself to your Apply SVCF application.
  2. Have your recommenders submit the letters themselves. First, include the name and email address of your two recommenders in your Apply SVCF application (be sure to ask recommenders before providing their information). Then, we will email your recommenders and request that they submit their letters to us directly. 

Note: Regardless of your submission method, it is your responsibility to ensure letters are submitted by the deadline. Letters of recommendation which were written for other scholarship or college applications can be used, but must be for the current year.  

4. Unofficial or Official Transcripts of Grades (Submit only PDFs)

Upload PDF versions of your unofficial or official transcripts to Apply SVCF under the appropriate transcript field or Confirmation tab at the end of the application.

Only mail a hard copy if your school will not issue unofficial or official transcripts directly to students. Hard copy transcripts can be mailed to the address below:

Attn: Scholarships
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
2440 W. El Camino Real, Suite 300
Mountain View, CA 94040

Current graduating high school seniors: Submit an unofficial or official high school transcript AND unofficial or official college transcripts, if applicable.

Current college students: Submit unofficial or official college transcript(s) for all college coursework completed AND unofficial or official high school transcript(s).

Note: Any unofficial transcripts submitted will be reviewed for inconsistencies and an official transcript may be requested by SVCF at any time for confirmation. All submitted transcripts must include: student’s full name, student ID number, name of high school or college, all courses and grades, and cumulative GPA.

5. Peninsula Regent Employment Verification (PDF)

An employment verification letter from your supervisor is required. The letter must verify your length of employment at Peninsula Regent and must be on official Peninsula Regent letterhead.